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While buying a t-shirt or a cotton scarf online, you look for the ultimate comfort and style that would
light up your mood. Oh yes, and you’re also ready to share a picture on your Instagram account.
Therefore, your new dress should have the right proportion of quality material and style quotient,
which would make your day awesome.
According to fashion enthusiasts, organic cotton is that material that not gives you sheer comfort,
but the top-notch style statement flatters from every angle. Without toxic chemicals and fertilisers,
organic cotton is grown in fields. Natural processes are only followed while producing the same.
Why organic cotton when there are other clothing materials?
1. Better for your skin
Organic cotton doesn’t contain heavy harmful materials that might be toxic to your skin. Health
specialists consider organic cotton safe. Whether it is a gray cotton scarf or a fascinating red t-shirt,
be sure organic cotton will be skin-friendly and keeps skin allergies at bay.
2.Will make a carbon emission footprint smaller
We are all aware of global warming and climate change. Nearly 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide get
dumped every year. Organic cotton helps sustain our mother earth by creating fewer greenhouse
emissions. Compared to regular cotton, organic cotton only emits a half level of Carbon dioxide.
Therefore, wearing organic cotton potentially helps cut the carbon emission in half.
3. Uses less water
Practicing wearing organic cotton could save water. Yes, you hear it right. Like ordinary cotton,
organic cotton cultivation needs 91% less water. Additionally, organic cotton is rain-fed. Therefore,
local water sources receive less pressure when it comes to manufacturing organic cotton. According
to a report, organic cotton helps reduce water pollution levels by 98%.
4.No chemical dies
The Global Organic Textile Standard – certified organic cotton. It ensures that the factories meet all
the social and environmental criteria. Only low-impact chemical dyes have been used. There are
many chemicals that may mimic the body’s hormones, known as the endocrine system. The
chemicals are known as endocrine disruptors, which are linked with reproductive, developmental,
and immune problems. In this case, it doesn’t have any effect as only low-impact chemical dyes have
been used.
5. Cost-effective
Organic cotton could save your hard-earned bucks in the long run because it’s durable and high
quality. In a nutshell, various benefits of organic cotton make it cost-effective. Are you going to try
some organic cotton clothes?
Summing it up
We know that you’re conscious about your health. We, too, value it, and let’s not forget about our
mother earth. It’s our responsibility to protect our environment from all the toxicities. Let’s make a
green planet together!