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Grade 1 Environment Lesson 7

Jiva School Valentina Campus
DOC. No JSVCE 007 Document Type Hand Out & Worksheet Subject Environment Grade 1 Sem II Portion Cov. Unit 10 Date May 22/2020G.C
Revision on Air
 Air is all around us.
 We need air to breathe.
 Plants and animals need clean air to breath.
 Clean air is very good for plants, animals and people.
 Air can move slowly. Air can move fast, too.
 Moving air is called wind.
 You can fly your kite in the wind.
Vocabulary study
Home work
Choose the correct answer
1. Air is all _________ us.
A. Kite
B. under
C. around
2. ________ is very good for plants, animals and people.
A. bad air
B. clean air
C. dirty air
3. We call a moving air as ________
A. Wind
B. Earth
C. Sky
4. _________ and ________ need clean air to breath
A. Stone and Wood
B. Iron and Plastic
C. Plants and animals
5. We need air to _________
A. eat
B. drink
C. breath