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Consider a ball of aluminum foil

Can you fly? Not of your own accord, unfortunately. However if you get on the
marvel that is an airplane you can fly. Now let me ask you this, are you breaking
any laws of nature by flying on a plane? Actually you are obeying more laws by
flying. As you stand on the ground you obey the laws of friction and gravity, but
when you enter an airplane you obey the laws of fluid dynamics (which are not a
few), thrust, lift, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, friction and yes gravity.
As you become more obedient to the laws of nature, the more freedom you enjoy.
You can fly to Denver or New York or even Paris on an airplane, but on your own
obeying only a few laws of nature you can’t fly anywhere. Just as in life, the more
you obey and do the right things, the more freedom you can enjoy. It is not easy all
the time, many times the right choice is the hard choice, but just because it is hard
does not make it any less right. As you learn to choose wisely, to use your agency
and knowledge to make those right choices you will find it liberating. It has
historically been considered illogical to be free by being obedient, but here I say it is
true. The more laws you obey, the more choices you have. And as most would
conclude, the more choices you have the more free you are.
Consider what would happen if you did everything your parents told or asked you to
do. It sounds like you would never be able to do anything, right? On the contrary,
though initially it may be irritating or seemingly damaging to your social life, you
will find your parents will let you do more because you have proved to them you are
capable of doing the right things. I challenge you to give it a try and see what