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Persuasive speech

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
Based on Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, your Persuasive Presentation should be
organized as follows:
I. Attention
A.Everyone knows those green glowing barrels with ooze dripping out of them
irradiating there surroundings
B.Nuclear energy should become more widely used and accepted
C.Ive been interested in Nuclear energy for an extended amount of time and have
done plenty of research on the topic
1. As the world continues to move forward and develop if continues making more
and more harmful sources to create the energy supply it needs and what better way
then a clean non carbon answer
2.Tell us where you found your information (Cite 3 sources)
D. ITs 0 carbon, cost effective and it's safe.
II. Need/Problem
A. In a world with global warming and carbon emissions as one of the main
threats, Nuclear is a great way to get around both.
1.The associated effects of fossil fuels are acid rain which burns forests, kills fish
and pollutes the air. (
2.Nuclear Energy Saved about 13% of carbon emissions.
3.Nuclear Energies carbon footprint is tied with wind as the smallest
A. Not only is it 0 emissions it is very cost effective.
1. Nuclear plants cost 1.5 to 4 times as much as a coal fire plant(
2. Nuclear plants may be more expensive to build but a big part of that is due
to extended construction time and changing regulations as they are being
built which adds to construction time and increased cost.
3.With coal having an energy density of about 36500 Megajoules per kilo it comes
nowhere close to nuclear energy with 79.4 million Megajoules per kilo.
A. Nuclear energy is also very safe.
1. Sense its inception to 2007 nuclear waste has only accumulated 365000 cubic
meters of waste and with new processing techniques the waste can be reprocessed
to be 4 to 10 times less volume(
2.The waste is normally covered by an enormous amount of ceramic and class
pellets surrounded by layers and layers of concrete making it able to not only sit in
the open with very minimal radiation but also be able to withstand an impact with a
train without cracking or breaking and having the contents leak out
3.Not only that for most of the waste after its use it gets stored underground in
huge mines well below the water and in non geologically active areas so that there
again is minimal to no risk of any of the material escaping and affecting anything.
III. Satisfaction
A. Establish 3 criteria to be met for a solution
to be acceptable.
1.Public Perception of Nuclear must change
B.Tell the audience your solution
C.Acknowledge reservations the audience may have.
D.Show how the solution meets the 3 criteria you established.
1.Public Perception
a. For the early parts of the industry there was much support they wanted in
everything between chernobyl and things like three mile public perception has
changed after Three mile 65000 protesters marched in D.C.
b. In a 2016 gallup poll for the first time since 1994 more Americans oppose
nuclear than are for it.
2. Regulations and restrictions need to be set to make the construction processes
a Due to moving regulations construction times can be extended by as much as
200% and have many long pauses which increases construction process
b. Along with that there is no standardization in the industry in america alone there
are no standardized plants with each one having unique designs which also
increases construction costs
IV. Visualization
A.Nuclear energy is a great cost effective limited emission and low safety way of
producing clean energy for the world and its developing countries.
B. While there is nuclear waste and potential for a meltdown these risks are
minimal and the last meltdown to cause any substantial deaths was Chernobyl and
that was in 1986 in a poorly constructed and ran facility with very very different
standards then the ones we have today
V. Action
A.In conclusion
B.the nuclear generation industry is not only green cost effective and safe
C.So the next time the topic of green energy comes up don't just think about
windmills and solar panels remember that there is one better than them all and its
nuclear energy
D. I plan on doing so whenever the topic comes up as I find this a missplay by
society over the last few decades not only by not making more but shutting down
ones that are aging out.
E.Clincher/Closing statement