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Jackson Bradley
Ms. Ramona Grant
ENG 102
6 March 2022
Works Cited
"The Road Not Taken." Poetry Criticism, edited by Michelle Lee, vol. 71, Gale, 2006. Gale
Literature Resource Center,
link.gale.com/apps/doc/H1410001710/LitRC?u=gvltec_main&sid=bookmarkLitRC&xid=3f2ff6fc. Accessed 6 Mar. 2022. This article by Michelle Lee greatly
improved my particularly lackluster understanding of Robert Frost’s “The Road Not
Taken”. As you expressed in class, understanding the life and circumstances of a poet are
exceedingly important in truly grasping the meaning of their works. This article begins
with a dive into the history and background of Robert Frost as well as the events that led
him to write “The Road Not Taken”, which I found exceptionally beneficial towards my
comprehension of this poem. I found the portion about the plot similarly helpful because
I previously had made a rather poor discernment around the main ideas of the poem. The
segment that I found the most superb, however, was the description and analysis of the
major themes in the poem. As an English student, poetry has never been my strongest
skill, and my analysis of the themes in “The Road Not Taken” was rather predictably off
base. Because of this, the professional examination of the poem’s themes was what I
found to be the most beneficial to my understanding.