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This agreement is made between______________________________________(owner) and
The parties agreed as follows:
1. The property caretaker agrees to monitor the said property having the common address
2. Term: This agreement shall commence on ___________________________and continue
until terminated as provided herein.
3. This agreement shall terminate on the earlier occurrence of any of the following: a) A
two-week notice is given by either party the said property is sold or the property
contract is terminated
4. The caretaker agrees to monitor the property on the terms and conditions set forth in
this agreement:
a) The caretaker will reside in the said property.
b) The caretaker will clean the common areas within and outside of the said property
on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
c) The caretaker will inspect the exterior and interior of the said property for any signs
of damages, forced entry or any other condition that maybe of concern to the owner.
d) The caretaker shall make sure that the electricity meters’ function normally. e) The
caretaker shall have the means to pump, turn water on and off in case of an emergency.
f) The caretaker shall ensure that water and electricity is secured after any emergency.
g) The caretaker shall always contact the owner for the owner’s authorization for any
repairs in the event that the damage to the property is visual and in need of a
h) the caretaker shall occupy House no 7B while taking care of the said property
5. Payment: The caretaker shall stay rent free in house no 7 B as payment equivalent to
caretaker fees for the services rendered. However, the caretaker is expected to pay their
electricity, water and service charge fee where applicable while keeping up to date with
the above said payments
6. The caretaker shall maintain a log/register of all monthly water readings, electricity
meter readings for all the houses in the said property block. The caretaker shall also
welcome prospective tenants and in event of a fruitful engagement with them, they shall
then proceed to sign a rent agreement lease on behalf of the owner
7. This contract is valid for one year from date of execution of this agreement
8. On effect of termination: the caretaker shall promptly deliver to all keys or any other
items of the property which are owned by the owner but are found in the caretakers’
possession. The caretakers right to monitor the property shall cease henceforth
Executed on this __________day of __________