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Smart Home (1)

What should I know
before building a
Planning is important step
in installing sensors.
- Gas sensors should be
located near the floor for
gases or vapors three or
four times heavier than air.
They should be installed
near the ceiling or roof to
detect lighter-than-air
- The best placement for a
motion sensor is any
corner that will detect
human motion, as most of
the motion sensors
commonly used to
automatically switch on/off
the ights.
Data cleaning process
How should I clean the dirty data on
-Data cleaning involve different
techniques based on the problem and
the data type. Different methods can be
applied with each has its own trade-offs.
Overall, incorrect data is either removed,
corrected, or imputed.
-Duplicates are common problem when
viewing a data file. Duplicates are data
points that are repeated in your dataset.
Excel provides function "Remove
-Missing values, they can be calculated
after filtering the data file.
Ethical Concerns
The greatest concern of
Motion sensor tracking
is the amount of
information that can be
deduced from the
analysis of a person’s
activity. Smart home
data collected by
someone or hacked,
For example, who owns
the information, who is
allowed to access this
information, who
guarantees safety of
data collected and
ensure this being
private. All these can be
addressed as ethical
Analisys and Conclusion
First, I have analised the given tasks, what do
I have to do? Create a poster, but I felt more
comfortable to start from creating a
Tinkercad design that is given in task
objective looking at plan of the house, I felt it
was very easy. All in all, I would advice you to
start from easiest part of given task, or you
will deep to one task untill you find a solution
and spend more time than needed. For
example, I could not figure out how it would
be more comfortable to design a Tinkercad
circuit and desided research Smart home
based and used circuits all over the
educational even constructional websites.
Above we can see the diagram of Tinkercad
circuit, which could be used in Smart Home
that contains 4 motion sensors, temperature,
light and gas sensors
After finishing up my project, I am more experienced in
creating any type of circuit in Tinkercad, and cleanin data
files. I was not easy with focusing in tasks I have to
accomplish in this project, as I think a poster should be
focused on general topic that any reader could
understand what is it about. Hence, I tried to include as
much details as possible instead of pointing out which
part refers to the particular task.
Gas sensors (also known as gas detectors) are electronic
devices that detect and identify different types of gasses. They
are commonly used to detect toxic or explosive gasses and
measure gas concentration. Gas sensors are employed in
factories and manufacturing facilities to identify gas leaks, and
to detect smoke and carbon monoxide in homes.
The below circuit is a gas sensor with NeoPixel 12 ring, that
changes colors from green, blue and red relying on gas.
A motion sensor (or motion detector) is an electronic device that is
designed to detect and measure movement. Motion sensors are
used primarily in home and business security systems, but they
can also be found in phones, paper towel dispensers, game
consoles, and virtual reality systems. Unlike many other types of
sensors (which can be handheld and isolated), motion sensors are
typically embedded systems with three major components: a
sensor unit, an embedded computer, and hardware (or the
mechanical component). A simple example of motion sensor with
LED light that indicates if there was a motion.
Conventionally, all smart home devices can be divided into
several types:
The controller is the “brain” of a smart home. This device
controls the operation of the network and all devices included in
it, stores complex scenarios (specific sets of actions) in its
memory and provides a connection between the smart home
system and your smartphone, tablet or computer.
Various sensors that detect motion, smoke, leaks are the
“senses” of a smart home. Thanks to them, the system
continuously receives information about what is happening in the
Executors - a group of devices that execute system commands
based on data from sensors. For example, a ball valve instantly
shuts off water if the sensor detects a leak. The relays turn the
lights off and on, and the dimmers change the brightness.
Control devices are devices for comfortable use of the smart
home system. These are remote controls or, for example, batterypowered light switches that can be placed wherever you like.
Other integrated equipment and web services - video cameras,
equipment and services that have an open API (multimedia
equipment, various modern technology, projectors, etc.) or
controlled by IR(InfraRed) remote controls.