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ict domains

I’ve learned a lot of things. There are so many topics and a lot of things we have
learned about. Most of the things I’ve learned makes me understand how it is important
in our life to have an internet, and also important to know as a things I’ve known. First of
all, I have learned about the 7 Domains of ICT Competency Standards for Philippine
Pre-Service Teacher Education, which are, Understanding ICT in Education, Curriculum
and Assessment, Pedagogy, Technology Tools, Organization and Administration,
Teacher Professional Learning and lastly The Teacher Disposition. The second one is
the definition of different terms namely. Technology, ICT Literacy, Educational
Technology, Instructional Technology. Digital Literacy, Digital Learning, Online Digital
Tools and many more. At first, I have no idea what is the purpose of ICT to us, but as
the lessons goes along, I have realized many things like the use of technology to
everyone of us. With the help of ICT, it guides us to accomplish our works and task
immediately. The effectiveness of ICT support and changes the way of teaching and
learning in many subject areas. ICT is useful and helpful. It’s an application of modern
technology to interact and share information among people all fields and develop
science through technology. I learned that, ICT gives easiness to run the teaching
learning process and also ICT has helped so much in the improvement of means and
speed of communication. It has become such an important part of modern life that living
without it would be almost as of we’re going back to our old strenuous ways of
communicating with other people who are away from us. It’s also a great help to us
when solving real life problems.
ICT Domain
Domain 1: Understanding ICT in
Domain 2: Curriculum and
Domain 3: Pedagogy
Domain 4: Technology Tools
Domain 5: Organization and
Domain 6: Teacher Professional
Domain 7: Teacher Disposition
Performance Indicator Most
Important for Me to Do
1.1.1. Demonstrate awareness of
policies affecting ICT in
2.3.1. Use ICT as a tool to
develop 21 century skills:
Information, Media and
Technology Skills, Life and Career
Skills, and Effective
Communications Skills
3.2.1. Use ICT knowledge to
solve complex problems and
support student collaborative
4.2.2. Demonstrate proficiency
in the use of technology tools to
support teaching and learning
Performance Indicator Least
Important for Me to Do Discuss national ICT
affecting classroom practices Facilitate flexible
learning environment that
enhances collaboration with the
use of technology tools Evaluate technology
resources in terms of
appropriateness, quality,
usability, accessibility, and cost
7.1.1. Demonstrate social,
ethical, and legal responsibility in
the use of technology tools and
resources Lead group activities
using technology tools
st Select digital and nondigital learning resources in
reference to the student learning
preferences Deliver the lesson using
appropriate digital tools or
applications Make technology toolsbased instructional materials to
improve student learning;
6.1.3. Utilize technology tools in
creating communities of practice Institute mechanisms to
ensure child online safety and
prevent cyberbullying