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Data convergence

what is convergence in a data communication environment? What are two applications of
Ans: Convergence is defined as the coming together, joining together, or growing into one
of two or more things. Instead of having a separate network for each of those offers,
convergence in networking occurs when one community firm provides networking services
for voice, facts, and video in a single community presentation. This allows a business to
utilise a single community from a single firm for all communication and cloud-based
Convergence has a wide range of applications. It is defined as the meeting of two or
more distinct forces or occurrences. Convergence is a common occurrence in the IT world.
Convergence is a basic notion that allows several tasks to be done on a single device, saving
both space and energy.
Two applications of convergence are:
a) The Internet, which is a platform that provides a variety of services. There may be no
need to purchase media games in the future because a variety of tasks, such as
entertainment, radio, television, book reading, and games, can now be viewed and used
b) Each generation converges on an unmarried gadget or telephone, rather than holding up
different devices such as a mobile smartphone, digicam, and virtual organiser. Smartphones
are becoming increasingly popular (converging camera, song, the internet, books, and all
other media collectively)