Uploaded by Amy Goalder

Would You Rather

Would You
have the ability to
see 10 minutes
into the future or
150 years into the
team up with Wonder Woman or Captain
be forced to sing along or dance to every
single song you hear?
lose your sight or your memories?
never be able to go
out during the day
or never be able to
go out at night?
have a personal maid or a personal chef?
be 11 feet tall or
nine inches tall?
lounge by the pool or on the beach?
always be 10 minutes
late or always be 20
minutes early?
spend a week in the forest or a night in a
real haunted house?
never eat watermelon ever again or be
forced to eat watermelon with every meal?
get a paper cut every
time you turn a page
or bite your tongue
every time you eat?
solve world
hunger or global
have to wear
every shirt
inside out or
every pair of
live in a treehouse or in a cave?
win $25,000 or
your best
friend win
be in a zombie apocalypse or a
robot apocalypse?
eat only pizza
for a year or
not eat any
pizza for five
be able to speak
any language or
be able to
with animals?
be Shrek or Donkey?
be the funniest person in a room or the
smartest person in a room?
spend the weekend with pirates or ninjas?
have to hunt and gather all of your food or
eat McDonald's for every meal?
never use social
media again or
never watch
another movie
ever again?
start a colony on another planet or be the
leader of a country on Earth?
be Batman or
have a third ear or a third eye?
have $1 million
now or $5,000 a
week for the rest of
your life?
be asked the same question over and
over again or never be spoken to ever
have aliens be real and
covered up by the
government or have no
extraterrestrial life at all
in the universe?
always have
wet socks or a
small rock in
your shoe?
bathe in the dishwater or wash dishes in your
never age physically or never age mentally?
eat chocolate on
pizza or never eat
chocolate ever
have your own theme park or your own
wear one or
seven colors
give up the Internet or
showering for a month?
be unable to close any door
once it’s open or be unable
to open any door once it’s
wear clothes that were always way too
big or a couple sizes too small?
be a wizard or a
Only be able to
crawl or only be able
to walk sideways like
a crab?
eat broccoli
flavoured ice-cream
or meat flavoured
never have to sleep or never have to eat?
drive a police car or an ambulance?
sunny or
rainy day?
be able to shrink to
the side of an insect
or grow to the size of
a building?
have a flying magic carpet or a see-through
have a tail or wings?
have an elephantsized dog or a dogsized elephant?
no homework
or no tests?