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How to find Athens immigration lawyers

How to find Attorney for Immigration Waivers
Are You Eligible For An Immigration Waiver?
If you have been subject to inadmissibility in regards to immigration into the United
States and need an immigration waiver to enter legally or obtain status, it is
recommended that you hire an attorney. We have experienced and skilled staff with
expertise in immigration laws and can provides you with legal guidance to select the
best waiver under your circumstances.
Waiver forms provide relief to people like refugees, asylum seekers, and also victims of
criminal activities. Moreover, they also help people who have committed some minor
offenses but pose no harm to US citizens. Waivers are part of the Immigration and
Nationality Act made solely for humanitarian and family unity purposes and are a great
way to obtain citizenship.
When Immigration Waivers Are Necessary
Waivers are required when an applicant for citizenship, lawful permanent residence, or
US visa has committed an act that might deem them inadmissible according to US
immigration laws.
These acts are not necessarily criminal and there are a variety of other acts, reasons,
and instances that require waivers. Waivers are a separate form that has to be filled out
and submitted to USCIS for processing. If the applicant was involved in any minor
criminal offense, which can make him ineligible to be a citizen or LPR, he can obtain a
waiver from the USCIS website. This waiver will allow the applicant to become
admissible for citizenship. Hence, it will ease his path and secure his future.
Athens immigration lawyers
It is suggested that the applicant should submit their waiver forms at the same time they
are submitting the other immigrant or non-immigrant status applications to the USCIS.
Our law firm provides proper guidance with waivers that can increase the chances of
acceptance of your application. We provide complete support at every step, never
leaving you alone or without an option.
We, as a successful immigration law firm, provide the best legal guidance and help our
clients explore all the legal options which can result in the outcome in their favor.
Under any of the below-mentioned conditions, an applicant is eligible for a waiver. The
waiver is in place to provide some relief to the applicant. In case of a serious criminal
offense like murder, drugs, or rape, no waiver shall be granted to the applicant under
any circumstances.
If an applicant has been previously deported or removed from the US, he will need a
waiver to apply for immigrant or non-immigrant status.
If an applicant has overstayed the legally allotted time, he will need a waiver when
applying for LPR.
If an applicant has entered the United States without legal documentation, he will need
a waiver when applying for status.
If an applicant has misrepresented himself to a US Official in the past, he will require a
waiver for reprocessing of his application.
There are also many other acts that require a waiver form. You can reach out to us for a
proper session in which we can discuss the legal options in your case. Our expert
immigration lawyers will be more than ready to assist you in your problems. Waivers
exist in different forms under different circumstances and can be applied from both
inside of the US and also from foreign countries.
You can apply for a waiver for an immigration visa in case you have committed an act in
a foreign country that might make you inadmissible for the US. You can also apply for a
waiver against deportation in the Immigration Courts which will avoid or delay your
removal from the United States.
Waivers required in Adjustment of Status, Lawful Permanent Residence, and
Citizenship must be submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration
Services which will process your application and make a final decision.
If you have committed any such act, you should consult with an immigration lawyer
before applying for a waiver. Our immigration law firm has experience in such cases
and can guide you in the best possible way to achieve your desired status.