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Practice 3 計時閃操

2021 DSE 通 識
計 時 閃 操 1.0
(卷二 Paper 2)
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2021 DSE 通 識
計 時 閃 操 1.0
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「工作假期計劃」在 30 歲以下的年輕人中變得越來越受歡迎,他們不僅想在國外工作一年,而且還想獲
得新的生活經歷,所以他們希望在國外度過一年! 他們中的一些人是剛畢業的新畢業生,他們之間的差距很
大,有些人甚至辭職以利用這一難得的職業機會。 在所有目的地中,歐洲和澳洲是兩個最受歡迎的選擇。
員。 該計劃之所以吸引人,是因為您可以同時賺錢和旅行。但是,許多人擔心放假會影響他們的職業,或者
Recently, the Working Holiday Scheme has gained popularity among people younger than 30 years old
who want to spend one year abroad, not only to work but to gain new life experiences as well! Some of
them are fresh graduates taking a gap year, and some even quit their jobs to take advantage of this rare
career opportunity. Amongst all destinations, Europe and Australia are the two most popular choices.
During a working holiday, participants typically take up jobs they won’t normally do in Hong Kong — for
instance, picking strawberries on a farm or working as a bartender or waiter in a pub. The scheme is
appealing because you can earn money and travel at the same time.
However, a lot of people are concerned that a working holiday will affect their career, or that it would be
difficult to find a job after going away for a year.
What are the factors affecting adolescents’ participation in working holiday scheme. Explain your
answer. (8 marks)
Under globalization, Working Holiday Scheme hinder rather than enhances the quality of life of the
people in destination countries. Do you agree? Explain your answer. (12 marks)
影響青少年參加工作假期計劃的因素有哪些? 解釋你的答案。 (8 分)
案。(12 分)
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