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Political Party Macroeconomics

The Official Stoner Party
Freedom Matters
Join the millions of
Americans fighting every day
to keep our country free.
"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a
more perfect kitchen, establish Tranquility, insure
domestic Cannabis is provided for the common
people, promote the general Welfare (of weed), and
secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our
Posterity, do ordain and establish this new party for
the United States of America”
We want kids to be able to choose what they
specialize in their education in High School.
For example you could choose between
S.T.E.M or Liberal Arts and then be able to
choose different sub degrees within their
field. The goal is to teach kids things that will
be more relevant in their careers.
Firearm Control
We intend to implement a firearm buyback
program much like Australia has done in previous
years. We would also like to introduce a
mandatory aptitude test for future firearm
purchases by Jan. 1 2022. This is to ensure that
all future firearm holders are qualified and skilled
enough to operate their weapons.
Our nation was founded by immigrants and has
been greatly benefited by them ever since. Our
policies aim to improve the process of
immigration and citizenship by increasing the
number of annual green card holders from
366,000 a year to 600,000 and implementing a 5
year maximum wait time on eligible green card
War on drugs
We believe in freedom of choice. Therefore we do
not think that there should be any limits on drugs
if you of legal age. The positives are it would
boost are economy and bring more jobs. The
negatives are that it could be legalizing potentially
harmful substances but if you are old enough to
vote and go to war we believe you should be able
to do whatever you want to your body.
Gay Rights
We believe in freedom of choice.