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Kami Export - Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration Study Guide

Atiana Cruz
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Section 3.1 – Chemical Compounds in Cells
1. What cell feature does a plant cell have that an animal cell does not?
Cell wall
2. Do all living things use energy captured by photosynthesis?
Not all living things use photosynthesis , but the process starts from it so yes.
3. What is an autotroph?
An autotroph is an organism that produces thieir own food.
4. What is a heterotroph?
An heterotroph is an organism that eats other organisms to obtain energy.
Section 3.2 – Photosynthesis
1. Explain what happens during photosynthesis using words?
Photosynthesis is the biological process that captures energy from the sun and
produces sugars.
2. What is the first stage of photosynthesis called?
Light dependent reactions.
3. What are chloroplasts and what color are they?
The chloroplast is where photosynthesis takes place and they're green.
4. What is the pigment in chloroplasts called?
5. What do chloroplasts do in photosynthesis?
Chloroplasts convert light energy to chemical energy.
6. What is the second stage of photosynthesis called?
The calvin cycle
7. What is needed for this step of photosynthesis?
All previous steps are needed, so chlorophyll pigments and enzyme catalysist.
8. What kind of chemicals are made from the reactions that happen during the second
stage of photosynthesis?
9. What is the importance of the sugars produced in photosynthesis?
The importance of sugars produced in photosynthesis is the energy they contain and
use to make other important things needed.
10. Fill in the equation for photosynthesis below:
carbon dixoide + _____________
+ _______________
Section 3.3 – Cellular Respiration
1. What is the definition of cellular respiration?
Cellular respiration is the process in which glucose is broken down to
create its energy.
2. What happens during respiration?
Respiration involves exchanging carbon dioxide and oxygen.
3. Is oxygen involved in the first stage of respiration?
No, it is not involved.
4. How much energy does the first stage of respiration release?
5. Is oxygen involved in the second stage of respiration?
6. How much energy does the second stage of respiration release?
4 ATP and 2 NADH.
7. List the two products of respiration.
Water, carbon dioxide ATP
8. How are these two products used when they are released?
They are converted into energy that is able to used by cells.
9. Fill out the cellular respiration equation below:
+ _____________
dioxide ATP
+ carbon
Comparing Photosynthesis and Respiration
1. How are the equations for respiration and photosynthesis related?
They are the same process just flipped. The reactants of photosynthesis are the
products for respiration and vise versa.
2. Together, what do these two processes do for Earth?
They release carbon dioxide and oxygen into the air, to give energy.