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Short Service Employee (SSE) Program (0001)

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Short Service Employee Program
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To explain the purpose of the Short Service Employee (SSE) program and to identify, appropriately
supervise, and manage new or transferred personnel to prevent injury, property damage, or
environmental harm.
This policy applies to all Apex facilities, or work sites, employee’s and subcontractors.
Subcontractors must ensure compliance to this policy.
Short Service Employee (SSE)- is anyone who has less than 3 months experience within the designated
role, or trade.
1. Short Service Employee’s may not work alone and must receive a mentor from the same role or
trade having adequate experience and performace.
2. Short Service Employee’s must always be supervised.
3. Any host facilities must be notified of the presence of an SSE, on site.
4. Short Services employee’s must wear uniquely colored hard hats to differentiate them from all
5. Short Service Employee’s must be trained within all HSE policies and procedures. Their
compliance must be continually monitored by their supervisor.
Completion of the SSE Program:
Site Supervisors shall meet with the Mentor to discuss and document approval of the SSE's professional
development after three months of hands-on experience.
Discussions can occur earlier, at management's discretion, based upon the SSE's assignments and/or
individual progress.
To complete the SSE program, personnel shall:
Demonstrate a working knowledge of the applicable Apex/contractor policies and procedures.
Demonstrate knowledge of safe work practices and be receptive to constructive criticism for
observed practices.
Improve or correct unsafe practices in a timely manner.
Apply accident prevention tools in a pro-active manner.