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Interviewing Tips

Interviewing Tips
When the jobs are being posted?
What type of candidates are you looking for?
What positions do you have or will have available for the next school year?
Research the employees
Know your personal skills (the things that stand out)
Talk about areas of growth
Polish resume
Make sure the skills listed are level appropriate
Grab business cards and follow up with the conversation you had with them
Start with a greeting
1st First name, degree/major, graduation expected in May 2022 from DSC
2nd Accomplishments (ESOL endorsement, scholarship, long-term sub, dean’s list)
3rd Positions open this fall in your district
Inquire: Could you put me in touch with someone who knows more about . . .
Have goals
For example- Continuing higher education (such as Master’s, Specialists, Doctorate,
endorsements, etc.)
If you are having a rough time answering a question rephrase the question when answering
Always thank the interviewer at the end