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Blendon Gallapeni - The Hate U Give Discussion Questions

By: Blendon Gallapeni
The Hate You Give Chapter 1 Discussion
1. Why does the narrator think she should not have come to
Big D’s spring break party?
The narrator says that she shouldn't be at Big D’s spring break party
because she doesn't belong there. It’s just not enough to be herself in some
situations, and Big D’s spring break party is one of them.
2. Why does Kenya encourage Starr to let loose and go out and
Kenya Encourages Starr to go dance because she already has the
impression that she is “all that”because she attends Williamson prep.
3. How do Starr and Kenya share an older brother, Seven, but
they are not related?
It is because Kenya’s mother is Seven's Mother and Starr's Father is
Seven’s Father. Kenya and Starr are half sisters which means that they are
half related.
4. Starr says it is difficult for her to make friends: why?
She feels as if she lives in 2 different worlds neither of which she belongs
in. Her Williamson pals are all white, but she isn't. When it comes to two
Garden Height parties, she is unfazed. Starr feels out of place in both
5. Why is “playing it cool” laced with irony for Starr?
Starr is trying to play it cool, which insinuates that Starr is not concerned,
but the fact that she has to "play" it cool shows that she is actually
concerned and not bothered.
6. What does “busy” really mean to a kid in Garden Heights?
She knows that busy really means selling drugs. Starr thinks this when
she’s in the car with khalil.
7. Why do Khalil and Starr run out of the party?
Khalil and Starr leave the party since there was a shooting there.
8. According to Tupac and Khalil, what does T-H-U-G L-I-F-E
“Pac said Thug Life stood for “The Hate U Give Little Infants F**ks
Everybody. T-H-U-G-L-I-F-E. Meaning what society gives us as youth, it bites
them in the ass when we wild out.
Chapter two:Date:- Wednesday, March 23, 2022
1. When Starr was twelve years old, her parents sat her down and gave her two very
different talks. What were they?
One was the usual talk about birds and bees. The other one was she telling me
what went where, and what didn’t need to go here and there. The other part
was “Star, you do whatever they tell you to do,” he said. “Keep your hands
visible. Don’t make any sudden moves. Only speak when they speak to you.”
And also To remember the police badge number and his face.
2. Starr’s mother did not think she needed the second talk, but her father persisted. Why
did he think it was important that she have that information?
Her mom said that Starr was too young to have a talk about this topic but the
dad said that she was not too young to have a talk about this topic.
3. How does Khalil break the rule?
Khalil breaks the rule by not doing what the cop wants and he didn’t do
anything that Starr's dad said to do.
4. While Khalil is interacting with the police officer, what is Starr doing?
Starr was sitting in the car and was scared to get out and later on the cop told
her not to move and by that, she couldn’t even nod her head. Also while Khalil
was with the cop she would tell Khalil to do whatever she wanted to do; she
was scared for Khalil.
5. Why does the officer tell Khalil to get out of the car?
The police officer tells Khalil to get out of the car because the cop says his
taillight is broken after taking a look at his license.
6. From Starr’s point of view, why does the officer shoot Khalil?
I think Star was shocked to see Khalil getting shot. If you were in a car you
wouldn’t be able to hear a conversation that’s happening outside, if your
window was closed. Star would
7. Why does the officer tell Khalil to get out of the car?
probably think the police officer shot him for having a sudden move. That’s not
a reason to shoot. He’s not a criminal. It’s just his tail light that’s broken.
8. How does Starr react to the shooting?
She was probably shocked and felt useless. After the Shooting, she rushes to
see Khalil.
By: Blendon Gallapeni
Chapter 3 discussion Questions
1. At this point, Starr thinks back on her friend Natasha’s death. What happened to
When Starr and Khalil were 10 years old, Natasha, a childhood
friend of Starr's and Khalil's, was killed in a drive-by shooting in front of
Starr. Starr had flashbacks about this incident as a result of Khalil's
2. How did Starr get the nickname “Munch”?
I think they call her munch because she ate a lot.
3. Why is Starr concerned about the details of Khalil’s getting death getting out
and into the public?
She’s worried that she will become a target of the police and that others
will make death threats.
4. How did Mr. Wyatt feel about Maverick?
Mr. Wyatt is a tough boss who won't put up with Maverick arriving late,
lying, or being drunk at work.
5. Starr can’t work up the courage to tell her father about her boyfriend, Chris.
Why is he a secret?
Starr hasn't told her father about her boyfriend, Chris, because she knows
that he wouldn't approve of her dating a white boy.
6. Starr considers Mr. Reuben to be a nice guy. Why does she describe him that way?
Mr. Reuben is a nice guy in her opinion because he always loves
good kids and checks their report cards. If they get a good report card, he
would give them a free meal, but even if some kids got a bad report card,
he would still give them a free meal.
7. Why does Starr reject the money she is offered by King?
Starr turned down the money King offered her because it was "dirty
money," meaning he made it by selling drugs.
8. Maverick manages to make King angry. How does he do that? (There are two
1) he says to stop beating seven, and 2) calls him "King."
By: Blendon Gallapeni
The Hate U Give Chapter 4
1. Why is Starr having trouble sleeping?
She is having trouble sleeping because she is witnessing a death that
keeps replaying in her mind in nightmares.
2. Maverick and Uncle Carlos are having an argument late
at night. How does Maverick see the difference between
the way civilians and cops are treated?
Maverick sees that because they are cops they can get away with
anything just like the cop one-fifteen.
3. Why does talking to the police present a problem for
It presents a problem to Starr because one of the cops killed Khalil infront
of her and she’s scared that they will target her.
4. While watching Maverick and Carlos argue, Starr tries to
figure out why they antagonize each other so much.
What does she conclude?
Starr asks Maverick why he and Uncle Carlos always fight. Maverick
explains that Uncle Carlos used to think Maverick was a bad influence.
Starr and her family lived with Uncle Carlos while Maverick was in prison,
so Uncle Carlos is like a second father to Starr.
5. Why did Maverick name his daughter Starr?
Maverick tells Starr she was born soon after his cousin died during a
drug deal. Starr was a light during a dark time, so he named her Starr.
6. Ms. Rosalie is almost like a family member. How did she
become so involved in Starr’s life?
Ms. Rosalie became so involved in Starr's life because While
Maverick was in jail she watched Starr and Sekani while Starr's mom was
in school.
7. What does Rosalie say that truly touches Maverick’s
“But he wanted to stop,” Ms. Rosalie says. “He told me, ‘Grandma, I can’t
stay in this. Mr. Maverick said it only leads to two things, the grave or
prison, and I ain’t trying to see either.’ He respected you, Maverick. A lot.
You were the father he never had.”
8. Before leaving, what does Maverick give Ms. Rosalie?
Maverick gave Ms.Rosalie money to help with Khalil's funeral and cancer
By: Blendon Gallapeni
Chapter 5 Discussion Questions
1. How does Starr feel on the morning she is scheduled to
go into the station and talk to the police?
As she and Lisa walk into the police station, Starr is terrified. The
police officers' guns frighten and intimidate her; they remind her of the night
Khalil was killed.
2. Even though Starr has her license and she is capable of
driving, why doesn’t she have a car?
Her parents said no time for work, no time for cars.
3. How is Starr different when she is “Williamson Starr”?
At Williamson, Starr is mindful of her language, has good behavior
and has manners to avoid being stereotyped as an 'angry black girl' or
'ghetto' by her rich, white friends who have the privilege to act however
they want. But when she returns to Garden Heights, Starr becomes a
completely different person.
4. How does Starr feel about the “Williamson” version of
She feels strange since she is always so pleasant at Williamson and
changes her speaking habits in fear of her classmates thinking she is
5. When Maya asks why Starr never sent a text message
back over break, how does Starr respond?
She lied saying "she was busy at the store" when she was just sad
about Khalil.
6. When Starr is describing her friend Hailey, she writes, “I
let her have her way a lot. Still do. That’s part of being
Williamson Starr, I guess.” What does she mean?
Starr feels like her friendship with Hailey is fading.
7. How is Starr truly different from her friends at
Her friends at Williamson are different from her since they grew up in
a wealthy and peaceful neighborhood, while Starr grew up in a rough
neighborhood and witnessed both of their friends' murders.
8. How does Starr feel when she watches Brenda, Khalil’s
She feels that they both failed Khalil, and that Brenda does not
deserve such an elaborate display of grief.
By: Blendon Gallapeni
Chapter 6 The Hate U Give Discussion Questions
1. Why does Starr feel overwhelmed when she and her mother
first walk into the police station?
Starr is not feeling well at all as she moves through the police station. Her
mom suggests leaving, but Starr insists on staying.
2. Starr is not feeling well at all as she moves through the
police station. Her mom suggests leaving, but Starr insists
on staying. Why?
Starr insists on staying since she is overwhelmed and just wants to get the
incident over with.
3. How does Starr’s voice change when she meets “other”
She chooses every word carefully and makes sure to pronounce them well
so they don’t think she’s ghetto. It always happens when she is around “other”
people, whether she is at Williamson or not.
4. Starr’s parents taught her always to look someone in the
eye during a conversation. Why did they give her that
They gave her that advice because They claim that a person’s eyes say
more than their mouth, and that it goes both ways—if we look someone in their
eyes and mean what we say, they should have little reason to doubt us.
5. Why did Starr assume the officer was harassing them?
Starr assumed the policemen were harassing them since they only asked
them about Khalil and not about the officer one-fifteen.
6. Starr tells the investigators that the officer pulled Khalil out
of the car and the female tries to twist the meaning by
asking if Khalil was pulled out of the car because he was
being resistant. How does Starr’s mother react to this clear
attempt to mess with Starr’s statement?
Starr's mother glared at the cop in the same way she glares at Starr's
brothers when they push her to her limit.
7. How does Starr respond when the investigator points out
that Khalil did not stay put when he was told to do so?
He did not stay put because Khalil was checking if Starr was ok.
8. How does Starr interpret the questions the investigator asks
about Khalil being a drug dealer?
Starr and her mom interpret the questions the investigator asks about
Khalil being a drug dealer as them trying to put the death of Khalil on himself and
trying to make them feel better about killing her friend.
Chapter 7 Discussion Questions
By:Blendon Gallapeni
1. Khalil’s funeral is tomorrow, and one major thought
keeps plaguing Starr’s mind. What does she keep
thinking about?
She Thinks about what Khalil will look like.
2. It is clear Starr cares for her boyfriend Chris, but what
other emotions have started to cloud her mind?
She is distracted because her boyfriend Chris is white.
3. Why does Hailey get seriously upset when she is
watching the boys take on the girls in an impromptu
basketball game?
She gets upset because the girls weren’t even trying.
4. What conflict does Starr have with Tumblr (and bringing
up the fact that Hailey stopped following her)?
Emmet till picture
5. Why does Chris insist on joining the basketball game
against Starr, Hailey, and Maya?
He insisted on joining the basketball team because he wants to talk to
Starr and get closer to her.
6. Starr leaves the basketball court very quickly. What
caused her to storm away from the game and her
She left the court because Hailey made a racist comment which
offended her.
7. How did Maya and Hailey start to put together that Starr
might know the person, Khalil, who was shot in Garden
They think that Khalil getting shot made her sensitive because seen
on the news that khalil got shot and they would see him at starr’s
birthday parties.
8. Starr denies knowing the man, Khalil, who was shot by
the police officer. How does she feel the minute she
denies her friend?
She feels like she betrayed Khalil.
By: Blendon Gallapeni
Chapter 8 Discussion Question
1. How is the Carter family’s new church in Riverton
Hills different from their old church, Christ Temple?
It is not as reverent.
2. At Khalil’s funeral, what does Starr see when she
opens her eyes?
When Starr opens her eyes, she thinks that Khalil's body looks
like a mannequin.
3. What does Starr remember from Natasha’s funeral?
Starr remembers Natasha's funeral and seeing her in her casket
just like Khalil's. Starr remembers becoming so distressed that she
screamed for her friend to come back.
4. Much of the funeral service is devoted to praise and
worship. Why does Starr struggle with this notion?
She struggled because Khalil had just died, and it was a difficult
moment for her.
5. During the service, why does Starr feel like a phony?
She hadn't seen Khalil in a long time.
6. What does April Ofrah, an attorney who works for the
organization Just Us for Justice, tell the audience at
Khalil’s ceremony?
April Ofrah informs the church that the police do not intend to
arrest One-Fifteen and that Khalil was unarmed.
7. What request does Ms. Ofrah make of the
Ms ofrah asks everyone to have Justice for Khalil.
8. Why is Starr confused when the King Lords appear
at the back of the church?
She is so confused because she didn’t know that khalil was a
king lord.
Chapter 9 Discussion Questions
By: Blendon Gallapeni
1. Seven and Sekani come home with two messages
from their father. What are they?
The two messages were about daddy's spending the night at the
store. He also leaves instructions for us to stay inside.
2. Why does Momma suggest moving their supper into
the den?
She decides to move their supper into the den because of the
gunfire outside and for their own safety.
3. How did the rioters wreak havoc on the
They caused havoc because they were protesting Khalil's death,
and the police shot tear gas at the protestors. Garden Heights has
seen riots and looting in addition to peaceful protests. There are also
gunshots being fired.
4. Starr is blaming herself for everything. Why does she
think all of the chaos is her fault?
Starr blames herself for both the police's inaction and the violent
consequences, implying that she has accepted responsibility for things
that are too large for her to change.
5. How does Momma react to the riots?
She reacts by acting strict and telling everyone to get into the den to
assure their safety.
6. Seven coaxes Starr out of the house. Why does he
do this?
He wants to make Starr happy and play some basketball.
7. Starr explains the difference between OGs and
Young Gs. What’s the difference?
Starr explains that OGs never start problems and young Gs
always start problems
8. How does Momma punish Starr and Seven for going
out and playing basketball without permission?
She punishes them by grounding them and taking their phone.
Chapter 10 Discussion Questions
By: Blendon Gallapeni
1. What does Starr feel as though she lost Khalil died?
Starr claims that Khalil's killing is part of the hatred, and that unless
black communities speak up, nothing will change. Starr recognizes that if
speaking up is the only way to make a difference, she cannot remain silent.
2. Why do Momma’s words lack the power they used to
Why do Starr's mother's comments no longer have the same impact
they once did? The words don't comfort her after she has witnessed the
deaths of two of her closest friends.
3. What is Maverick’s theory about Harry Potter and the
Maverick believes the Hogwarts houses represent gangs because
they each have their own set of colors and emblems. Maverick believes
Voldemort and the Death Eaters are part of a gang as well.
4. Starr and Maverick start talking about Tupac’s theories
on THUG LIFE. When they begin to dissect the concept,
what do they conclude?
Starr and Maverick conclude that oppressed people in our society must
discover ways to support themselves in the face of prejudice and a lack of
chances. Drugs are not present in neighborhoods; instead, the underprivileged
bring them in to make a living.
5. Starr and her father talk about groups and people who
tried to stand up to the system. Which groups and
people did they mention?
They were talking about factors that create a system stacked against
black communities. This system is Thug Life.
6. How does Thug Life apply to the protests and the riots?
Thug Life has to do with the protests. Starr says that Khalil’s death is
part of the hate, and if black communities don’t speak up, nothing will
change. Starr realizes that if speaking out is the only way to change things,
she cannot stay silent.
7. DeVante is acting very suspicious when he is creeping
around Maverick’s store. Why is he behaving this way?
Devante is hiding from King because King tells him to kill the people
that killed Dalivin but DeVante doesn't want to be a killer so he refuses and
is now hiding.
8. What happened to DeVante’s brother, Dalvin?
Dalvin got killed at Big D’s party in the beginning of the story by the
shots they heard.
Chapter 11 Discussion Questions
1. As soon as Starr gets to school on Monday morning, she finds out that her
Williamson's friends are up to no good. What are they doing?
Starr figures out that the other students are doing a protest for Khalil, but they are
actually doing it to get out of school
They are deciding to "protest". But instead of doing it for the right reasons, for actual
justice, they are just doing it to get out of school
Maverick tries to scold Mr. Lewis for going on television and snitching on
King, but Mr. Lewis tells Maverick King doesn’t scare him. What makes Mr.
Lewis so brave?
Mr. Lewis’s injuries
Mr Lewis says that if he is dying for saying the truth (and to help for a good cause) then
he would do it
3. What does Hailey say that really sets Starr off and makes her forget all about
her Williamson persona?
Hailey says that it’s messed up that they’re protesting a drug dealer’s death - this
makes Starr really angry
Starr stated “He got killed even though he wasn’t doing ____? So it’s cool he got killed?
But I thought you were protesting it?” - shows how angry she was
Starr knows that Khalil wasn’t actually a drug dealer, so this made her really angry
Kenya points out how Khalil and Starr would have handled the aftermath of
the situation differently. What does she know Khalil would have done, if Starr
had been the one shot?
Khalil would have told everyone the truth on live news, and protested Starr’s death
Khalil would have made sure that Starr was given justice
The police officers force Maverick onto the ground and begin to thoroughly
search him. What is Starr thinking while she watches this happen?
She’s thinking that the cops are going to take her father away from her, just like how
they took Khalil away from her.
6. How do the Williamson kids begin their protest?
5 minutes after their class starts, students start chanting “Justice for Khalil” and
pounding their fists on their desks
They then leave the classroom and start chanting for Khalil in the hallway
According to Maverick, there are only three people Starr has to fear. Who are they?
Starr’s father
Starr’s mother
8. Explain the new curfew that is being imposed in Garden Heights.
At 9 all businesses have to close and at 10 everyone has to be home.
Garden Heights go oarund the
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Chapter 12 Discussions Questions
By: Blendon Gallapeni
1. Why does Maverick tell Starr to give her old laptop to
Starr is asked by Maverick to get her old laptop, which she will give to
DeVante for school. Maverick's roses once again represent the Carter family, as
they struggle to survive the increasingly dangerous environment of Garden
2. How does Maverick manage to get out of almost every
argument with his daughter?
Maverick reminds her that he is the one who has to pay the bills.
3. What did Starr do while she was taking a “Tumblr
She shared photos of Khalil from when they were both kids.
4. Why is Starr so pleased with her “Tumblr Break”?
She is so pleased with her tumblr break because people are liking
and reposting the things she posted.
5. When Starr and Seven first got into the Harry Potter
series, they both pretended they were in Slytherin
House: Why?
It’s because Maverick took them out when he got out of prison.
6. How did Seven discover he had been kicked out of his
home permanently?
He found out by seeing that his clothes were hung on the fence.
7. How does Starr convince her mother to let her stay
home from school for a couple of days?
She convinces her mother by Starr says she is tired of the protesting and
needs a break.
8. What does Starr say is the messed up part about
missing school?
She says that “You wonder what you would be doing at school if you
were there”.