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DNA Model Instructions

DNA Model Instructions
Purpose: The purpose of this model is to physically show a 3D model of what DNA looks like. You are going to
create a 3D model of DNA that shows the relationship between the 4 different base pairs (adenine, thymine,
cytosine, and guanine) and how they are oriented.
Partners: Can work INDEPENDENTLY or with 1 MORE PERSON.
 The model must be able to stand on it’s own. MUST have a base so it can freely stand.
 Must have 10 of each of the 4 bases (A, T, C, and G)
o 20 bases on both sides of the double helix
 Does not matter which side has A, T, C, or G as long as the pairs (Chargaff Rules) apply
 On the base, must include:
o What is Chargaff’s Rules
o What is DNA
o Explain the shape of DNA
o Provide a key that tells me which base is which
 Use any material you like, EXCEPT candy to create the bases, and the strands but be consistent!
o Ex: If you decide to make adenine a white ping pong ball, you MUST make ALL adenine a white
ping pong ball and nothing else.
The maximum amount of points you can earn for extra credit on this model is 10 points. Each
incorrect/missing concept will subtract 1-2 points depending.
Due Date: April 14, 2022