What is the essence of studying Philippine History in the Hospitality Industry?
Knowing our history gives us a sense of connection and allows us to appreciate the roots of our
country. History is important in establishing in individuals a sense of nationalism and culture. History
is important in the hospitality industry since it displays the country's culture and origins. Its main
contribution is to preserve culture through the services it provides.
In the Article entitled "New species of ancient human discovered in the Philippines," write three (3)
important highlights of its content
When Mijares first excavated Callao Cave in 2003, he found 25,000-year-old evidence of human
activity—but he didn't dig any deeper than about four feet down.
In 2010, Mijares and his colleagues unveiled the 67,000-year-old fossil, which they tentatively
suggested belonged to a small-bodied member of Homo sapiens, making it perhaps the oldest sign
of our species anywhere in the Philippines at the time.
Southeast Asia probably was home to more hominin species than current fossils let on.
In your own words, describe the importance of historical criticism. (5 points) *
Historical criticism aims to study a text's original meaning and context, as well as providing the literal
meaning that many researchers may use to understand and generate new perspectives from the
original text.
In your own words, differentiate primary sources from secondary sources (5 points) *
The original material, which others can use as a reference, is the primary source. It provides
firsthand information as well as fresh concepts. The information from the primary source is being
used in the secondary source. These are informational materials that came from some other
materials. The information from the primary source is interpreted in the secondary source.
In your own simple ways as students, what can you do to contribute in the study of Philippine History?
As a student, I shall learn from the values that our past has taught us. My simplest way of
contributing to Philippine history is to preserve our culture by continuing to apply it to our society
today. By doing so, I hope that younger generations will continue to value our culture and heritage.