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Science 7 Unit D Test

Science 7
Unit D: Structures and Forces
Canadian International School of Phnom Penh
Mr. Borzel
April 7, 2022
Available Materials:
- No access to notes
- Test to be done in pencil
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Use the following image to answer questions 1 and 2
1. Is Duck Boy correct? If yes, explain why and give an example that supports him. If no,
explain why and give an example that contradicts him. [3 marks]
2. Is Cat Girl correct? If yes, explain why and give an example that supports her. If no,
explain why and give an example that contradicts her. [3 marks]
3. What is a force? Give a definition in your own words and use examples from real life to
back up your answer. [2 marks]
4. Two kids with the same mass are going down a
slide. Each kid has pants made of a different
material. The boy on the left slides much faster
than the girl on the right.
What can you determine about the friction between the
slide and their pants and how do you know? Use
another example to support your answer. [2 marks]
5. If you were to design a picnic table, would you pay more attention to the function or the
aesthetics? Explain. [2 marks]
Choose a structure in your school.
a. Identify its basic structural form, and then describe its function. [1 mark]
b. What special features of the structure allow it to be used the way it is? Are there
any features you would change if you were redesigning this structure? [2 marks]
c. Given the materials and design characteristics of the structure, briefly describe
how long you think the structure will last. [1 mark]
7. Q. ______ changes based on gravity pull.
a. Mass
b. Weight
c. Pounds
d. Balance
8. Q. If you are making a container to hold something, you would want a ________
a. Frame
b. Solid
c. Shell
d. Combination
If you are making the foundation of a building, you would need a _______ structure.
a. Solid
b. Frame
c. Shell
d. Combination
10. Q. A bird sitting on a wire is a _______ load.
a. Static
b. Dynamic
c. Live
d. Dead
11. Q. Bending is a combination of which two stresses?
a. torsion and shear
b. tension and compression
c. tension and torsion
d. compression and shear
12. Q. What makes igloos strong?
a. They are natural structures.
b. The igloo is a mass structure.
c. The coldness makes everything stay in a solid state.
d. The forces acting on the igloo are distributed equally in
all directions.
13. Q. You see a crane carrying a load of supplies at a construction site. The rope holding
the supplies to the crane is experiencing _____________.
a. Shear
b. Tension
c. Buckle
d. Torsion