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Assignment Lesson 2 Force and Motion

Lesson 2: Force and Motion
Instruction; Show your complete and neat solution. Identify your final answer in the solution.
1. A force of 20 N acts upon a body whose weight is 8 N. What is the mass of the body? What is
its acceleration?
2. Two masses of 8 kg and 12 kg are tied to each end of a string passing over a massless and
frictionless pulley. Find the resulting acceleration of each mass.
3. A 1000−kg mass elevator has an acceleration of 1 . What is the tension in the supporting cable
if the elevator is a) ascending and b) descending?
to another 5 kg block that hangs freely by a string passing over a massless, frictionless pulley.
What is the resulting acceleration of the two blocks?
5. A block weighing 60 N rests on a horizontal floor. a) What is the minimum force that will make
the block move if the coefficient of static friction is 0.20? b) What is the minimum force that will
keep the block moving at uniform speed once it starts moving if the coefficient of kinetic friction is
6. A force of 150 N pushes a box. Starting from rest, the box achieves a velocity of 1.50 in 2.5 s.
Find the coefficient of sliding friction between the box and the floor.