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Organisational Behaviour quiz

Quiz no. 6
Revision Quiz no.2
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For each of the following MCQs, choose the best option and state the answer in the table
below. Multiple answers, changes and those not marked properly will be considered as unattempted. The use of pencils is NOT allowed. Time allowed to attempt the quiz is 5 minutes.
1. What term has Mintzberg used for Simon’s ‘Design Activity’ phase?
A. Identification
B. Selection
C. Development
D. Choice
2. Which of the following is an organisational determinant of escalation of commitment?
A. The need to save face
B. Biasness
C. Breakdown in communication
D. Both B and C
3. In which of the following decision making styles is there a high tolerance for ambiguity
and a concern for people?
A. Analytical
B. Directive
C. Conceptual
D. Behavioural
4. Which of the following is not important for creativity?
A. Innovative thinking skills
B. Expertise
C. Motivation
D. None of the above
5. Conducting a survey to ask people what new products they would like, in order to be able
to come up with more creative and consumer pleasing offerings, is an example of
‘empathic design’.
A. True
B. False
6. Coaching and advising is part of which characteristic of a transformational leader?
A. Intellectual stimulation
B. Individualized consideration
C. Charisma
D. Inspiration
7. Which of the following neutralizes leadership?
A. Indifference towards organisational rewards
B. Low position power of leader
C. Leader physically isolated from the subordinates
D. All of the above
8. Output is assessed indirectly in teams.
A. True
B. False
9. ‘Less satisfaction with the group interaction process’ is a challenge associated with ______
A. Self managed
B. Virtual
C. Cross functional
D. Problem solving
10. Speed of response and innovation are major advantages of hollow organisations.
A. True
B. False
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