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5 Reka Cables Ltd offers high-quality cables for various needs. Our safe, state-of-the art products are manufactured from the best materials.

Product families
Halogen free INSTALLATION cables
• Halogen and PVC free
• Fully recyclable materials
• Low smoke production in fire
• UV-protected sheet and conductors
• Durable, high quality materials
• Improved flexibility and peeling properties
• Fully UV resistant
Standard cables
• High quality cables for various purposes
• Well balanced installation and operating properties
• Halogen free or lead free PVC compounds
Fire resistant cables
• Able to maintain their circuit integrity in fire
• Halogen and PVC free
• Low smoke production in fire
• Slow fire spread
Medium and high voltage cables
• Voltage levels 10 kV – 170 kV
• First class insulating technology
• Outstanding service reliability