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All in one grammar - midterm

Complete the sentences.
Use the adverb and the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
Use contractions where possible.
1. Our teacher, Mrs Jones, (never / be) __________________ late for lessons.
2. I(often / clean) ___________________________ my bedroom at the weekend.
3. My brother(hardly ever / help) __________________________ me with my
4. I(sometimes / be) _________________________________bored in the history
5. We(rarely / watch) ____________________________ football on TV.
6. You and Tony(never / play) _________________________computer games with
7. You(usually / be) _____________________ at the sports center on Sunday.
8. The school bus(always / arrive) ______________________________ at half past
Complete the sentences with the present simple form
of the verbs in brackets. Use contractions where possible.
1. My sister thinks she's(intelligent) ___________________________________ than me,
but I don't agree!
2. Avatar is probably(bad) _____________________________ movie I've seen!
3. What is(wet) __________________________ month of the year in England?
4. Do you think the Harry Potter movies are(good)
__________________________________ than the books?
5. Who is(powerful) ________________________________________ person in your
6. I think Men in Black 1 was (funny) _____________________________________ than Men
in Black 3.
7. Is your dad (old) _________________________________________ than your mom?
8. John is (nice) __________________________________________ person that I know.
Write can/can’t—could/couldn’t in the gaps.
1 The clown was very brave. He __________________ enter the lion’s cage.
2 Liam’s house is too far. We ________________________ walk there.
3 Dad hasn’t got a car. He ________________________ drive to bus stop.
4 Lisa is very stubborn. Nobody ________________________ change her mind.
5 Mum is not young enough. She ________________________ take care of the kids.
6 The questions were easy. Everybody ________________________ solve them easily.
7 I was very late. I ________________________ say good bye to the kids.
8 The old man was very poor. He ________________________ buy anything to eat.
9 Tim is very shy. He ________________________ make friends easily.
10 There isn’t any tea in the fridge. She ________________________ make tea.
11 The book was long and boring. She ________________________ finish it.
12 My brother is very strong. He ________________________ lift a car.
13 Ela is very rich. She ________________________ buy the car she wants.
14 The kids didn’t have a ball. They ________________________ play basketball.
15 The room was very dark. We ________________________ see nothing.
16 The milk was very hot. The baby ________________________ drink it.