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Divided We Stand Rough Draft

Trans Rights
Constant, almost forceful
support. Believes that
transgenderism should be
Believes that trans people
have a “mental disorder” and
a harmful agenda that targets
children through the media.
Gun Control
Strict measures of control,
few guns in ownership.
Supports the second
amendment, the right to bear
arms. Does not support
abolishing gun ownership
Believes in a strict lockdown,
mask mandates and requiring
the vaccine.
Wants people to choose what
to do about the problem
Wants America to run on
green energy by 2030
Supports reform on use of
fossil fuels, however, they are
not as forceful as the left.
Further Reflection:
Trans Rights - Trans Rights is a very touchy subject to some people. It is a far cry from gay
rights. People have either four viewpoints; radical change to make it happen; supporters but not
radical; could care less; and those who are against it.
Gun Control - Gun control is a problem because there is not one solution to fixing the problem.
Extreme leftists want NO ONE to have guns, feeling as though removing them will solve the
problem. Some Democrats think that expanding background checks will help too. Those on the
far right think that gun ownership would reduce the threat of gun violence in public places. They
believe that if you are armed, you are protected against threats.
COVID-19 - Democrats and Joe Biden believe in a strict lockdown, mask mandates and
requiring the vaccine in order to do basic things like have a job. Those on the right think that
your health should be your responsibility. Those on the right are the ones who would want the
vaccine to be a choice.
Environment - I would say that both sides want there to be a better and cleaner environment,
however, I see that Democrats and Leftists are more extreme and forceful about it.
Is it okay if I do my final essay on COVID-19, seeing as how it is what spit the WORLD in two.