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In today’s globalised world, there are over 1,5 billion Engligh spealer in aroung the
world. Especially, English is spoken in some of the most economically and
culturally influential countries globally. No doutbly, learning English will give us a
lot of benefits nowaday. To serve people’s studying english demand, many
scientist devoted their energy to research and develop some way to integrate
technology into learning English. Moreover, these days in 4th technological
revolution, appearance of new electronic devices open new ways to learn. People
can choose any kind of devices they like and suits their learning style. This will
make the process of learning easier, faster, more effective and enjoyable.
Inclusion, technology nowaday plays an important part in learning English, it
provide us with a lot of kind of new ways to learning, which make learning English
easier than ever. And today, we introduce some mobile application that is
valuable for English learners like we. Dowload and learn by yourself.