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Case Study

G.A.S. Madhusanka
Case study 1
In identifying the key issues in this case study, Mahesh should take into consideration about his
company as well as Mrs. Katubadde as he has s potential conflict of interest. As he is an employee
of the Garment Factory, he has the responsibility to keep the confidentiality of the company. But
he can inform the company about this issue and request to take some action as it is a responsibility
of the company in disposing the factory waste in a proper way.
The company has social responsibility to dispose the garbage according to the regulatory
framework. They should manage waste and dispose it without harming the environment and the
On the other hand, Mrs. Katubadde should take actions as she suffered from environmental abuse
for a long time. The Environmental officer did not take actions for her complaints and he may be
biased towards the company. Mrs. Katubadde should enforce the officer to take actions according
to the acts of conduct ethically. Contacting a lawyer and take actions according to his advices is
also a better option for Mrs. Katubadde.