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Letter of Acceptance
Date (YYYY/MM/DD): 2021/11/02
1 Family Name
2 Given Name
Divya Mangar
3 Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD)
4 Student ID Number
5 Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) or Ministère de l’Immigration, Diversité et Inclusion (MIDI) letter
6 Student’s full mailing address
H.No-712, First Floor
Dda Janta Flats
Pul Peheladpur
Delhi Delhi 110044
8 Designated learning institution number
7 Full name of institution
Durham College of Applied Arts & Technology
9 Address of institution
2000 Simcoe St. N
Oshawa Ontario
L1H 7K4
10 Telephone number Extension
11 Fax number
13 Website
Michelle Hutt
16 Name of alternate contact
Johnene Milan
14 Email
15 Name of contact
12 Type of School/Institution
Associate Vice-President, Academic
Senior International Admissions Officer
Telephone number
Telephone number
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Date (YYYY/MM/DD): 2021/11/02
17 Academic status
Hours of instruction per week
Approx. 25 hrs / week
18 Field/Program of Study
International Business Management
19 Level of study
Post-secondary (Graduate Certificate)
20 Type of training program
21 Exchange program
22 Estimated tuition fee for the first academic year
$13,852.05 | Fee prepaid: No
23 Scholarship/Teaching Assistantship/Other financial aid:
24 Internship/Work Practicum
25 Conditions of acceptance specified as clearly as possible
The college reserves the right to withdraw the offer of admission if the student does not meet the conditions as outlined below:
Student Direct Stream (SDS): Study permit applicants from Antigua and Barbuda, Brazil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, India,
Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago or Vietnam MUST pay
the entire amount of fees for their first year of study according to the amount listed as TOTAL DUE on the attached FEE
ESTIMATE (page 3) by December 15, 2021 to secure your seat.
Non-SDS students: A partial fee payment of $8,614.52 must be received by the college by December 15, 2021 to secure your
seat. Seat availability cannot be finalized until this payment is made. Although we do our best to accommodate all students who
have been given a Letter of Acceptance, there are instances when programs may fill prior to the payment due date. We encourage
students to pay as soon as they receive their Acceptance letter.
Students do not have a guaranteed seat in this program until they have paid the full amount as shown in the paragraph(s)
above. Offers should be paid as soon as possible and are subject to seat availability at the time the payment is received.
An official fee receipt issued by Durham College must accompany this letter as proof of payment.
26 Length of Program
Start date: 2022/05/02
Completion date: 2022/12/31
27 Expiration of letter of acceptance (YYYY/MM/DD)
28 Other relevant information
Students are required to email their Study Permit approval to visastatus@durhamcollege.ca
Please Note: If your program has a Co-op/Placement/Internship term, it will be shown in Box 24 and you must have a Co-op Work
Permit prior to starting the work term. You must apply for your Co-op Work Permit at the same time as your Study Permit.
Program Term Details: Year 1 of 1 (2 semesters)
We are looking forward to seeing you at Durham College.
Michelle Hutt
Associate Vice-President, Academic
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Date (YYYY/MM/DD): 2021/11/02
Student Name
Divya Jaswal
Tuition Fee
Student ID
Incidental Fees (includes U Pass)
International Business Management
Graduation Fee
see incidental
Program Code
Health/Medical Insurance (mandatory)
see incidental
Year 1 of 1 (2 semesters)
Program Supply Fee
Start Date:
Start date: 2022/05/02
Completion date: 2022/12/31
Additional Program Fee
see incidental
***All fees are quoted in Canadian Dollars CAD. Please be advised that the fees noted above are an estimate. May 2022 fees are not
yet approved, please anticipate an increase to the fees shown above. All students MUST accept their offer and pay their fees through
their MyCampus portal only. Seats are not guaranteed until payment of fees for first semester as noted in Box 25 of your Letter of
Acceptance are received in full. After you have completed your timetable registration, please check your MyCampus account to view
updated fees owed. Students are responsible for all charges as listed on their MyCampus portal once they have registered in a timetable,
and all fees are assessed and charged to the student's account.***
Students may be charged a $150.00 late payment fee for any payment received after the due dates.
Withdrawals: Please refer to and read our official withdrawal and refund policy at: https://www.durhamcollege.ca/wpcontent/uploads/international-student-withdrawal-and-refund-policy.pdf. All international student withdrawal or refund requests are
handled through the International Office. Students must meet the withdrawal and refund policy requirements plus complete and sign an
official withdrawal form and submit other documents, including the refusal letter from the Canadian Embassy for visa refusals, as
requested to be eligible for any refund. Be advised that any refunds that are authorized will be less the application fee, tuition and
ancillary fee as per MTCU Policy, and other fees as outlined in our withdrawal and refund policy. Study Permits are issued based on
letters of admission to Durham College, so international students are expected to attend this college. There will be no refunds for requests
received after the 10th official day of the semester. Failure to attend does not constitute a withdrawal.
By paying your fees, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as stated on this letter of acceptance, as well as the above
linked withdrawal policy document.
Living Costs
The following is the approximate living costs for 1 school year (8 months) in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada for a student living on their own off
Housing - $450 - $1250 per month;
Food $150/week;
Books and other school supplies $500 - $2000; and
Laptop Computer (depending on program) $700 – $ 1000
Costs are not guaranteed and vary according to each individual student and their needs and spending habits. Other costs to take into
consideration include: cell phones, phone cards, extra activities (i.e. skiing, bus trips) winter clothing, flights back home, visa renewal
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