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Plant Growth

Plant Growth
Mr. Lugo
What went wrong?
● In your group, observe the leaves at your table.
● What do they look like?
● Write down (1) your observations and (2) what you hypothesize could cause
each leaf to look the way it does.
What affects plant growth?
● Individually, come up with factors that you think influence the growth of
plants. List as many as you can.
● How could you test your hypothesis? Develop an experimental design
● You have 5 minutes
● In your group: share your ideas
● Which factor would you like to test to see if it influences plant growth?
● Present your question and hypothesis to Mr. Lugo
● Once these are approved, begin designing your experiment.
Can we test more than one factor?
How will we know how the factor we chose is affecting the plant growth?
● Present your experimental design to Mr. Lugo for approval
● Each factor can only be tested by ONE group. The first group to propose a
specific factor will be the one who can test it!
Experimental Design
In your group, design your experiment. Get Mr. Lugo’s approval!
Fill out your design table
Remember to search for the vocabulary terms in your textbook
Explain the part of your experiment that matches to each of the vocabulary
What will you test?
● Each group will present their hypothesis and experimental design
● Audience: write down how you can improve your own experiment or any
suggestions you have for the group.
● Use your vocabulary terms while you explain!
Experimental Terms
1. control group
2. dependent variable
3. independent variable
Experimental Terms
1. Data: Qualitative vs. Quantitative
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