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CFE 104 Module 3

Module 3: CICM in the World
CFE 104
Three contexts of Mission (following the
pronouncements of the Second Vatican Council):
(1) Mission ad intra (within the Church or “in-house” re-evangelization and
ministry unto its membership).
(2) Mission ad gentes (to non-Christian peoples). It is “the direct witnessing
and proclamation of Christ in situations where he is not known, or where the
church is not strong enough to proclaim the gospel in a fully inculturated way
(Redemptoris Missio 33).
(3) Mission ad extra (in foreign lands, beyond the Church’s visible boundaries
and membership).
Principles /key elements of Mission ad gentes and
ad extra:
- To learn the language, customs, and traditions which, in effect, results in
valuing the culture (Intercultural dialogue).
- To establish indigenous schools.
- To open clinics, hospitals and orphanages so as to take care of the population.
- Interreligious dialogue with existing religious traditions and Christian respect
for these religions (cf. Nostra Aetate, Evangelii Nuntiandi).
- To baptize and catechize those who freely join the Church. Consequently, to
found/establish “a self-sufficient congregation.”