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1. How important is the loss of manufacturing jobs to the nation?
Manufacturing is crucial to any country because it creates high-wage jobs,
particularly for those who would otherwise be on the lowest pay scale.
Manufacturing is the most important source of commercial innovation and is
required for service sector innovation. Manufacturing employment losses have
been depicted as particularly harmful to towns that once relied on these jobs in
recent decades.
As a result, if the country loses jobs, the country's standard of living will suffer. It
also has a bad impact on physical and mental health, as well as mental
relationships, and raises the chances of divorce. Children's well-being has been
harmed by impart effects on key family variables as well as perturbations in parentchild connections. That is why manufacturing jobs must be preserved or increased
in order to produce greater economic activity than other industries.
2. Can you suggest some actions the government (federal, state, or local) can
take to stem the job loss?
 A federal jobs program that subsidizes private-sector employers to hire
unemployed, formerly low-wage workers could benefit employers that are
struggling during the recession and could help workers earn an income and
establish a long-term job. This program could offer staggered federal
payments of a full subsidy for the first three months of employment costs
and a half subsidy for the next three months; the employer would guarantee
to keep the worker on the job for at least another three months with no
This type of federal jobs program should;
 Ensure it is creating new jobs rather than displacing existing workers,
 Set wages high enough to support families but not so high that workers
won’t accept an unsubsidized job, and
 Implement guidelines to avoid any misuse of public funding.
Because the program would be flexible, federal policymakers could scale it to
create as many jobs as the private sector is willing to sustain.
3. What evidence is there of the importance of manufacturing innovation?
One of the reasons for the importance of innovation is that it aids in the production
of goods. We understand how difficult it might be to try something new or test
anything without knowing exactly what you'll get. The dangers of not inventing,
on the other hand, are just too high. After all, the introduction and widespread use
of new technologies or systems can completely transform the manufacturing
process and the industry. Innovation will help not only your business evolve and
grow, but also the industry as a whole.