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National Honors Society Personal Essay

National Honors Society Personal Essay
Samantha Hughey
Service is defined as the act of helping or doing work for someone. I believe that making
service a part of your life is very important. As Christians, we are called to help our neighbors. I
intend on making service to others an important part of my life by always being on alert for ways
that I can help others and to serve without expecting anything in return. I intend to serve others
in and out of school. Anytime that I can have a positive impact on someone's life it is a reminder
of God’s love and grace. That reminder is an encouragement to make my service have a deeper
meaning. I want to get involved in things that I am passionate about. I plan to continue my
service with Paws on Piedmont and the food pantry at my church.
Last August I went to a new Christian camp with my youth group. I made a lot of new
friends and I also experienced personal growth. I have grown up going to church but I did not
realize what having a relationship with God was until recently. While I was at camp I was moved
by the speakers and realized that I wanted a stronger relationship with God. The camp was a
week-long and all the speakers were amazing but one message stood out. The message was about
how God has a plan for all of us and that he cares about you even if you are going through a hard
time. That night I gave my life to Christ again. I started to think about my life and what others
see when they think of me. That camp started my journey of spiritual growth and made me think
about how important it is to surround yourself with people that encourage you. I am so grateful
for that experience and my friends.
I have never been the shy type but when I moved to Carolina Christian I was a little
scared about meeting new people. I had gone to school with almost all the same people up until
eighth grade. I had no clue what the students would be like and I was worried about what they
would think of me. Being new had never really been a worry I had faced. On the first day, I was
quieter than usual. After my first day at Carolina Christian, I was very overwhelmed. It was a
new place with new people. It was also a completely different environment then at West Stanly.
That night I talked to my parents and I prayed. I decided that I was just going to be myself and
do the best that I can to make new friends. I became close with my best friend Mallory pretty fast
and ended up making a lot of new friends. A couple of the students had been in my preschool
classes so I used that to make conversation. I was able to open up and be myself. I also liked my
teachers. I solved my problem by stepping back and thinking through what I wanted to do. In the
end, I reached my goal and I have made amazing friends.