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MFD Part 2 - Viva Questions 2

MFD Part 2 - Viva Questions 2
which pocket (vertical or horizontal is better for bone graft and why
1st examiner.
Lichen planus differential diagnosis causes clinical appearance skin lesion and oral lesions
histopathology and treatment
Another question is a panoramic radiograph showing radiolucency between roots of lower left 5 & 6
what's differential diagnosis
I said ameloblastoma and OKC dentigerous cyst myxoma and she asked me to speak about
ameloblastoma what's clinical picture and what's its causes and types and what's the complaint from the
patient if he had ameloblastoma I said the patient will suffer from pain and parasthesia and
enlargement of the jaw
2nd examiner
Restorative questions he asked me if the patient Had A fistula how can I know the source of this fistula
I said I will use that GP to trace it and what's the size of GP
I want to make re treatment have can I solve the GP
How how can I make vitality test if there was different readings from electric bulb tester and heat test
how can I be sure
Mention when we have false negative and false positive readings
uses of intracanal medications
He ask me about EDTA what's concentration and the forms which are gel and liquid when can I use
each of them
What is the concept of electric pulp tester have can I use it
Regarding endodontic files what are the lengths of the file the short one is 16 centimetre but what about
the long file what's its length
Pictures of Kennedy classification she asked me to say that loss and regarding Kennedy class 1 what's
the most significant problems and have can I solve this these problems you ask me about altered cast
technique to describe it and RTI tooth speak about its details she asked me about indirect retainer where
can I put the indirect retainer
4th examiner
He ask me about the effects of smoking on periodontium and teeth in general and what's the
mechanism of bone destruction in smokers and what's the rule of the dentist regarding advices smokers
to stop smoking
He shows me a picture of a ANUG he told me to speak about the case and said the causes and the
Picture of NCTSL
Tell me what you say tell me the causes I said anterior tooth surface loss tell me the causes you said
abrasion and attrition abfruction and erosion define them and tell me what are the causes