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Do you think that world will become more peaceful
in next ten years?
Our world was never peaceful. Sadly, our generation will not be
able to witness a peaceful Earth. Yet, we may achieve peace for a
long period but everything can change in case a chain of mistakes
and circumstances will lead to an explosion.
What is peace? Peace is when people can resolve their conflicts
without any violence and they work together to improve the
quality of their lives. At present, wars on our planet are regular. It
is sad but from time to time new conflict arises and takes the place
of old ones. We can name a whole list of countries where the
peace is not complete or the entire country is living under war
“When the power of love overcomes the love of power
the world will know peace.”
—Jimi Hendrix
The world we living in today is not even close to achieving peace.
Why we are not able to achieve peace? Because we claim to be a
modern civilization yet our minds are still stuck in thoughts of the
19th century. We are facing conflicts and wars between countries
because of racism, religious discrimination, caste, and creed. We
still hate people based on how they look, what color of skin they
have, and in which religion they have faith.
When we look at the Sub-Continent, we see Pak-Indo wars and
conflicts based on religious discrimination. From the very
beginning, when these countries got independent and separated
from the British Rule till now they are always on the edge of calling
out a war based on religious discrimination.
“Peace is not absence of the conflict, it is the ability
to handle conflict by peaceful means.”
—Ronald Reagan
Middle-East Muslim countries currently are the worst states in the
world. Muslims are being targeted globally because of their
religion. Israel has destroyed the Middle-East Muslim countries by
calling out war on them. World Peace Council, United Nations, and
all the other global communities remain silent. The sole reason for
their silence is Islam, if the same thing happened in any other
country which is not a Muslim State, the whole world would have
taken action upon it.
Islamophobia is spreading day by day, Muslims are labeled as
terrorists on the streets without any evidence, they are judged
based on their religion. Muslims are deprived of their basic rights
in many countries. Currently, France allowed their countrymen to
make fun of Muslim Idol based on freedom of speech which created
massive chaos among the world. Muslims boycotted France
products and France faced a huge economic crisis.
In America, a movement named “Black Lives Matter” was
observed which took place after a black man was murdered brutally
on the streets. Black people are deprived of their rights for
centuries. Years and decades have passed, a lot of actions and
treaties were signed for black people yet they still are not able to
walk on the streets with freedom.
“Not one of us can rest, be happy, be at home, be at
peace with ourselves until we end hatred and
—John Lewis
In a world full of chaos, hatred, injustice, and discrimination we
can never achieve peace. Peace is impossible but it is possible to
keep it for as long as we can. Peace can only be achieved under
certain circumstances. When everyone has the power to
participate in the political decision and the government is
accountable to the people. When everyone has an equal
opportunity to work and make a living, regardless of gender,
religion, or any other aspect of identity. When everyone is equal
before the law, the system of justice is trusted, fair and effective
laws protect people’s right. When everyone lives in safety, without
fear or threat of violence, and no form of violence is tolerated in law
or practice.
“Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may
say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I
hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as
—John Lennon
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