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Word limit: 1500
Essay topic:
How does having a positive ethical culture influence an organisations Corporate Social
Select ONE company from the list below and identify and discuss the ethical issue they face and
what this means for their CSR (Corporate social responsibility).
1. Woolworths – underpays staff
2. Crown Casino – money laundering
3. Flight centre – price fixing
4. Ambulance Victoria – workplace bullying and harassment.
Your essay should cover the following points:
● Define and discuss organisational culture.
● Define and discuss the importance of ethics in the workplace.
Define and discuss Corporate Social Responsibility
Basic structure of your essay:
❖ Introduction – what is your paper about? Provide the reader with a roadmap. (150 words)**
❖ Body – (you must use terms, concepts, and models/frameworks from your lectures)
a) P1: Introduce your chosen company. Provide a brief background on the company,
why have they been in the media recently? (150 words)
b) P2: Explain what the ethical issue facing the organisation. Why is this an ethical
issue? (150 words)
c) P3-4: What is organisational culture? How had the external environment impacted
on the internal corporate culture? (200-300 words)
d) P5-6: What is managerial ethics? What steps can a business take to improve their
ethical behaviour? (200-300 words)
e) P7-8: What is Corporate Social Responsibility and why is it important for an
organisation to be seen adhering to it? How does having positive ethical and
socially responsible behaviour improve an organisation’s performance? (200-300
❖ Conclusion – Summarise the main points. Tell the reader what you have discussed. (150
❖ References (combination of academic and non-academic sources)
At least 8 references consisting of 4 academic references (e.g., credible academic sources or
textbooks) and 4 non-academic references (e.g., practical sources such as company websites and
**word count for each section is a guide only.
About Woolworths:
About underpaying staff:
● https://www.9news.com.au/national/woolworths-underpaying-staff-agree-to-2500payout-to-thousands/39eab8a0-71ce-4d26-b3c3-a57d16de5ded
● https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-08/woolworths-settles-2019-class-action-overunderpayingstaff/100523318#:~:text=Woolworths%20underpays%20staff&text=In%20June%2C%20
● https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/jun/18/woolworths-accused-of-underpayingstaff-up-to-1m