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Rubric Book Report 3Havo-3VWO (2)

Rubric Book Report and Oral perfomance in class
NOTE: you will receive credit points for both the report and your oral performance in
front of class. The group is responsible for everything in the file (assignments +
logbooks). The credit points for the oral performance are invididual!
Max 4 points
Min 1 point
Handed in on deadline
All 7 elements included
Enough words used per element
Logbooks complete
Missed deadline
1 or more elements missing
Too many/few words used
Logbooks incomplete
Min 1 point
Max 5 points
Punctuation clear and correct
Correct spelling
Sentence structure (word order)
Use of correct vocab (no repetition)
Level (fluency and use of more difficult
Sloppy punctuation
Too many mistakes in spelling
Sentences badly formulated
Many (basic) mistakes in grammar
Poor vocab and repetition
Poor level of English, it is hard to
understand the work written
Min 1 point
Max 4 points
The assignments show a good
understanding of the book and to which
genre it belongs. There is variation in
the execution of the assignments. The
assignments show insight in the
characters, setting and events /
developments in the novel.
The report does not reflect a good
understanding and the assignments fail
to answer the questions properly. The
work is superficial. Repetition of the
same information. No variation. Hardly
insight in character development, poor
understanding of setting and events.
Min 1 point
Max 2 points
The students have added their own
ideas and present a little more than was
expected of them. Overall impression is
The assignment is merely carried out
and nothing extra has been added.
Overall impression is bad.
Min 1 point
Max 10 points
The student is able to express
him/herself clearly and shows that
he/she has read the book and is able to
give details. The student understands
what he/she has read and can answer
questions in class.
The student cannot express him/herself
and it seems that he/she has not read
the book (carefully) or does not
understand the events in the book. The
students does not give details and fails
to answer the questions in class.