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My warmest greetings and congratulations to the graduates and complters of the School Year
Graduation and moving up ceremonies are significant occasions for the graduates and
completing learners as these mark the milestone of your educational achievement. May these
occasions inspire you to study harder for the fulfillment of your dreams and aspirations. Life may
constantly offer you challenges, but you have to forge on.
I salute the teachers, our unsung heroes, for molding the minds of our Filipino youth and
producing among these learners the much-needed knowledge and competences under the K-12
Basic Education Program. Hours mae be long and prescribed duties may be exhausting, but
shaping the future of these youth will definitely improve their lives.
To the parents, we thank you for your sacrifices in attending to the needs of your children. Your
guidance and support have helped build their confidence in themselves. You have exerted a
powerful influence on their overall development.
The theme of this year’s end-of-school rites (EOSR),” Sulong Edukalidad: Championing the
Nation’s Future is consistent with the Department’s call for national effort toward quality basic
DepEd is commited to providing you with 21st century skills through the delivery of quality ,
accessible, relevant ,and liberating basic education. We continuously strive to institute reforms
in our educational system to ensure that you become globally competitive and able to meet the
demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Again, congratulations!
Sama-sama tayo sa pagsulong ng Edukalidad! Mabuhay!
My heartfelt Congratulations to all Senior High School graduates of School Year 2019 –
I know how excited and delighted you all are for the culmination of your high school life.
Six years of your hard work, perseverance, and determination deserves to be celebrated.
Indeed, it is a joyful moment to have witnessed this significant experience of your lives.
This year’s graduation theme is “Sulong EduKalidad: Pagtataguyod sa Kinabukasan
(Sulong EduKalidad: Championing the Nation’s Future)” This theme highlights the
important role of quality education in helping Filipino learners achieve their full potential
in order to fulfill their dreams and contribute meaningfully to nation – building. Indeed, we
are certain that you have been equipped by your teachers with lifelong skills that would
surely lead you in fulfilling and achieving your aspirations that I am sure would eventually
make you significant contributors to our nation-building.
Dear graduates, your diploma is a manifestation of you valuing your education. Make use
of it! Reach for your dreams, Persevere and Act significantly!
Furthermore, our warmest congratulations also to your parents and teachers. This
success would not be attained without the love, guidance, and support in all forms of your
parents, guardians, and teachers.
Again, Congratulations and we wish you all the best for your future! God bless you all!
Principal II
Dear 2018-2019 Graduates,
Another school year has come to its end; with it is the reaping of everything you
have diligently sown. I congratulate you, your parents, teachers and beloved Alma Mater
for another milestone. Every contributing feature of your success today deserves its
corresponding recognition, gratitude and accolade for without them, this day would’ve not
come, an essential thing all of us should never forget.
This day, however jubilant, is not yet the end of your journey but the beginning of
another essential stage, a transition necessary for one’s advancement in the arena of life.
But, let not your heart and determined will diminish with future uncertainties and worries,
instead feel fortunate because these additional years would prepare and equip you with
necessary skills that is exceedingly required of you by the demands of the modern world.
As such, the government has prepared you with the curriculum that would be the answer
to the growing problem of jobs mismatch that is the primary cause of the unemployment
The country’s future is at your hands and depends on every decision you make
especially for our local community. Learn more craft and add more bucket of patience,
interest, willpower, and love to whatever good you do. Live not in oblivion and strive to
improve yourselves for only through these that success is truly achieved. Aside from the
revelries and all forms of celebrations that would follow, let us also remember what our
theme enshrines today: “Sulong EduKalidad: Pagtataguyod sa Kinabukasan (Sulong
EduKalidad: Championing the Nation’s Future)”, an essential fact in establishing a stable
and progressive community. Let us celebrate this unity in our everyday lives and continue
to boast its fruit of unhindered progress and inevitable milestones the future has yet to
Once again, my felicitations!
I would like to express my warmest greetings to the completers and graduates of School Year
I know that you have waited for this time to come and I am glad that you have finally endured
the race and ended up victorious at this moment. It was not easy but you successfully managed
all the challenges that life threw for the past years.
This is the time to celebrate your achievements and to thank your parents and family , your
teachers , fellow learners and stakeholders in school who have helped you in one way or the
other to reach this line but above all give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings and guidance.
Whatever path you will pursue, may you continue to uphold the values of your alma mater.
Take with you all the knowledge and skills you have acquired in school as you journey through
life. Keep working hard because this is just the beginning of the many challenges and future
We will stumble along the way, but our failures or mistakes in the direction of our lives are
meant for us to learn from and become better. As you carve your path keep believing in
yourselves for you are capable in turning your dreams of success in life into a reality. Never stop
trying. Never stop learning. Give nothing but your best.
Again, congratulations Batch 2019-2020! I wish you all the best in your future endeavor.
Public Schools District Supervisor
Republic of the Philippines
Province of Davao Oriental
Congratulations, Dear Graduates!
The time for you to move your tassels from one side to another has finally come, your
brilliant achievement.... Your most awaited Graduation! This is now your starting point , the
beginning of the beautiful journey to the future. Although it may have seemed to you that the
additional two years of your stay in the high school was a burden and added expenses, these two
years have seemed unnoticed because while they have gone by in just a blink of an eye , yet you
have learned many great things to prepare you to our next destination. While working in your
senior years , you have already building your dreams so continue to work for them until those
dreams are realized. Never settle for the second best but your fullest and your best. Always
remember that with the training given to you by your school , you can achieve whatever it is you
want to be. Aim to the highest of your hopes and row hard to open all the windows of
opportunities. Steer yourself towards the best direction. Decide where to go. And when that
time comes, wear your best smile of success. With your brilliance and being ambitious , you are
on the right path to earn many more achievements since you were made for great things.
Congratulations also to the parents who have continuously supported their children.
As parents , seeing our children successful in their children. As parents, seeing our
children successful in their studies and in their lives is one of our treasures and seeing them
succeed through thick and thin, you have successfully done your responsibilities. For your efforts
, you also deserve to be congratulated. To the faculty and officials of this school , I salute you for
opening wide your doors to mentor these students. You have prepared them for future ,
providing them knowledge about life , making them better persons than they first entered the
portals of your school. You have held them to high standards , pushing them to do their best. You
are a great influence to these students creating a huge impact in their young lives.
To all of you, celebrate this occasion with a great blast of joy. Once more, congratulations!
Municipal Mayor