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ICAM writing assignment2 2

Your name:______________________________(Total 50 pts possible)
Watch the video lecture and answer the following questions. Use your own words. Provide word
count for each answer. Upload as Microsoft word file.
1. (5 points) Write in your own words a brief characterization of what functional medicine is.
Write at least 100 words. Provide word count:___________
2. (20 points) Pick one of the patient cases Dr. Hyman is talking about and summarize what
the patient’s problems are and how he resolves it. Discuss what that patient’s root
problem was and why previous conventional treatments that did not address this root
problem did not work. Write at least 400 words. Provide word count:___________
3. (10 points) Explain why a detailed patient history and sorting it into a timeline using the
matrix of functional medicine is important for resolving the patient’s problem (in addition
to video see reading material). Write at least 200 words. Provide word
4. (15 points) Do a literature search in PubMed (scientific study). Find a clinical trial or
research study on humans that uses functional medicine principles. Describe what they
were testing and the outcome of the study. Write at least 300 words. Provide word
count:___________Also provide the complete citation (in addition to 300 word count) in
APA format (not only a weblink!)