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33 Ways to Make Money Remotely 1

With the way the world is going, working remotely is the future. Meaning
you can either leave your earning ability in the hands of the times or work
remotely from anywhere in the world.
I’m writing this to you from the comfort of my apartment. Right now,
there are millions of people out of work.
Yet I’ve made enough today to pay for my food and bills for another few
weeks. How?
From working remotely.
Working remotely means I make my money from the internet. I don’t
commute to a job and clock in.
My entire “commute” is waking up whenever I want. Going over to my
cellphone to check WhatsApp.
Seeing what messages I got over night. Then I head over to my laptop and
respond to emails.
Once I’ve caught up on everything, this is when my real work begins. You
see what I do revolves around sales.
This entails dealing with loads of customer service, social media
marketing, and email marketing.
Allowing me the freedom to travel wherever I want. Live wherever I
want. And most importantly do whatever I want.
I tell you this because that is the main benefit of working remotely. You
choose whether you wanna work 2 hours or 16 hours a day.
You make your money and then you enjoy your day while doing it. Whether
I’m exploring the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
Off roading deep in the mountains of Romania. Or sitting inside of my
apartment. I am able to work.
This work isn’t something where you write into the void making loads of
content with the hope of making money.
With remote work, you will make money.
Now that you understand what life is like working remotely, let’s get
into 33 ways to make money online while working remotely.
33 Ways to Make Money Online While Working Remotely
1) Run Your Own College writing Service:
Specifically writing resumes and papers for students.
A friend of mine runs a team of writers. And makes well into 6-figures each
year. This is very lucrative if done right.
2) Become a Social Media Manager
As a social media manager you do a host of things.
Some people just schedule content for clients, focus on sales, and
handle customer service. While others create/schedule the content.
You can make $500-$5k per month depending on how you do this.
3) Write Tweets
Writing tweets is as simple as it sounds. You find people to write for in
exchange for money. The goal is to write 5 tweets a day and you can start
by charging $500/month. Once you get 1 client under your belt, you can
charge $750-$1k/month.
This is ALL about tweeting things that get engagement/grow their
followers. Then you can begin charging more.
4) Resume builder
Resume building is just like it sounds → you build resumes
for other people. There are websites you can go to offer this,
you can offer it to local corporations, and you can also look
into Facebook groups.
Then charge people $100 to $250 to write up and construct
winning resumes.
5) Print on Demand T-Shirt design
Using sites such as Printful you can print your own t-shirts. Then
promote them on IG and other visually appealing sites.
To get your own design simply hire someone from Fiverr then upload it to
Printful to have it printed on demand.
In fact, you could start your own clothing brand quite easily using one of
the various platforms out there.
From there promote it on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
6) Project manager
If you’re good at getting things done and are efficient, project
management is a lucrative biz.
I myself can get 1-2k per month for managing various things from:
● Customer service for clients
● Managing YouTube channels
● And other parts of the business
7) Become a Freelance writer
This is a good starting out hustle. If you want to continue it, I
recommend outsourcing the work.
So you can focus on getting more clients. Starting out you can make $50
to $100 per article.
Meaning if you can crank out decent articles, you can pull in $300 a week
quite easily.
There’s more to being a freelance writer. However, you can easily take your
writing skills and make thousands via freelancing.
8) Become an Online fitness expert
There are lots of ways to do this. Whether it’s taking on actual clients or
selling digital products. If you know what you’re talking about, there’s
money to be made this way.
You could easily build an Instagram or Twitter account to market
yourself. Then from there sell your products via your email list.
9) App developer
This is one hustle that few will be able to do unless you put in not only
hours of effort to learn coding, but then hours into marketing yourself
among other skills.
However, if done write you’re sitting on a relatively cushy 6-figure
10) Travel Advisor
If you enjoy traveling and are good at finding places/good prices,
being a travel consultant is a good hustle.
To get started, you need a website/social media page. From there start
sharing your knowledge and skills.
Share places you’ve been, experiences you’ve had, and people you’ve
helped create an experience for. Here’s a good example of what to do.
11) Run a Lead Generation Service
A friend of mine lives out in Singapore running a lead gen service. I
don’t know the particulars.
But if you are good at finding quality leads for email lists, affiliate offers,
services, and Amazon businesses. This is relatively easy work for an extra
$500 to $5,000 a month income.
12) Data Entry
I personally hate having to type lots of documents and spreadsheets. You’re
probably asking why I’d tell you about something if I hate it. Well, I’m telling
you because it is something I pay $650/month to someone to do for me.
Which is why data entry can be a good freelancing offer.
If you don’t mind that type of stuff and are good, boom there’s a solid
income source.
13) Voice Over Service
If you have a good voice, people will PAY YOU. You can do voice overs for
Ads, YouTube videos, podcasts. The list goes on. Your voice is an asset few
people have.
14) Start Your Own Web Design Service
Most businesses need a website nowadays. Imagine being the person
that provides this for them?
Although it’s a slow start to learn, once you get going, you’ll never run out
of work to do.
As the world is your marketplace.
Lockdown a few clients and you’ve replaced your current income. Now I’ve
done this in the past to earn money. It’s quite easy once you get the basics
down with today’s available tech.
You can easily get to 5k-10k a month if you have a good eye for website
design. Package it into a service and with 1-3 clients you’re set.
15) Domain Flipping
This is a hustle which takes some skill to find out, but is profitable. I
myself have dabbled making around $600 for a single domain.
Basically what you do is find good domain names. Then from there you
look for people to either sell them for a big profit or to pay you a
monthly fee to let them use it.
You get an idea for a domain. From there you go to GoDaddy,
NameCheap, or Bluehost and type random names.
You finally find the domain, LuxuryWatches.com.
Your next step is going to watch brands and sending them all an email.
Whether it’s 10 or 400 brands is up to how bad you want to sell it.
You offer them…
That you will sell it to them for $10,000 or rent it for $200 a month. From
there it is just a numbers game.
If one of them bites, you just made money on a $10 domain. Worse case,
you wasted $10.
Now obviously you won’t be charging $10k just for any domain. Do some
research and think about it.
I’ve sold domains for $1,000 and for $100. If you have any questions, just
message me.
16) SEO
People need a website, but they also need people to see that website
when people search for their industry or niche.
That’s where you come in. You will help them rank by ensuring they’ve got
properly put together content and websites.
17) Online Consultant
Maybe you have a skill or understanding about something FEW people do.
This is where you can put together your own consulting service. Offering
fitness consulting, financial consulting, career advisor.
If you have something that other people want to know, consulting can be a
very lucrative service.
18) Podcast editor
Yes, everybody and their grandma has a podcast these days. Meaning you
can use this to your advantage and profit. Offer a service that edits
podcasts, makes intros, and creates episode snippets. The list goes on.
If you’ve never done this before, you can charge $50 per episode.
However, you will get to the point where you can charge much more.
The key though is $50 per episode is a very easy sale. Most have that
kind of money laying around to put into this since you are saving their
time. You 100% want to systemize this. Make it so that you can get your
new client then do all of the work quickly (but high quality) without
taking hours and hours of your time.
19) Video Editing
You can go anywhere with these movies, to YouTube videos, to
e-commerce adverts.
A friend of mine out in England makes around $2,000 per music video he
films and edits. What I recommend is finding a specific niche of video
double down. Become good and network with that
20) Graphic Design
Not even just businesses need this one, sometimes people want their
social media looking great.
And if you don’t want to go that route? You can be more creative and
design artwork to sell.
The possibilities are endless, and so is the money.
21) Teach English Online
It has become harder to do as many gigs require a 4 year degree.
However, you can make 2-4k working in places such as Asia. And even
more if you teach this privately.
Even better most of the time you don’t even need to know their
22) Virtual Assistant
Being a virtual assistant is similar to being a project manager except, you
will be doing a lot of repetitive tasks.
But if you play your cards right you can learn a lot from being someone’s
VA and if you’re good, you can make some solid income.
Doesn’t require many skills either.
As long as you’re detail oriented, fast, and don’t mind doing repetitive
tasks for hours each day, this can be good.
For an English speaking competent person, you’ll make anywhere from
$500-$3,000 per month doing this.
23) Software Developer
In this day and age, the world basically operates off of software. Bill
Gates is one of the richest men in the world from “creating” one.
Find some issues people keep having, build a useful software and
you’re more than golden.
24) Online Course Creator/Remote Tutor
If you’ve got experience in something people are interested in? You can
tutor people or better yet, make a course.
● School work
● Hobbies (woodwork etc)
● Public speaking
● And 1000 more +
The earning potential on this is literally unlimited. It’s all about getting
your product in front of the right people.
25) Social Media Influencer
This one gets a bad rap from boomers as being a flakey job. But once you
get the ball rolling, advertisements will never stop flowing in.
And you have the opportunity to build your own brand which is where the
long-term money is.
For example let’s say you build your social media up to 30-50k followers.
Not only will you be able to launch your own products, you can take on
partnerships and do affiliate marketing.
And as long as you’ve got an audience you can in theory make money
26) Writing Words That Sell
This one is everybody’s favorite, they just don’t know it yet. Writing
words that sell aka copywriting is sales in written form.
And every business needs sales. If you like money, you’ll at least be
proficient at it.
For example, this blog post was put together so you felt something from
my words. Everything was organized in a way which progresses towards
the desired outcome. The outcome being you get a clear understanding of
what remote work is and you walk away knowing what you want to do.
No more of this reading about 100 ways to make money online. You will
walk away from this post knowing exactly what to do.
Combine this with writing affiliate blog posts or selling an affiliate
product of your own.
Or you can turn this into a service where you write content, emails, or
salespages for people (pick one).
27) Become a Marketing Research Genius
Freelancers, consultants, etc need leads, you can find them.
Marketing agencies, copywriters etc need their customer avatar, you can
help them find it.
Become great at doing marketing research and you will be a useful
asset to any business.
If you become good at marketing research, you’ll be able to bring light to
any business. Instead of them marketing to random people.
You will come in and show them the exact person who buys their
28) Photography
Weddings, family events, businesses, and a whole bunch of other
people need pictures.
You could be the one that takes them. Or you could just take nice
looking pictures and sell them.
If you’ve got a decent camera, there’s green dollars out there ready for
you to grab.
29) Become a Ghostwriter for books/courses
People want to be authors, they want books, and courses
communicated in the best possible way.
But some of them lack the ability to write words which give people the
feeling it needs.
This is where you come in with your ability to write. Ghostwriting is
writing other people’s books/products for them.
It’s a very good hustle that not a lot of people talk about. But if you
want money bags more than credit, do this.
Not only can you get paid up-front. You can also get royalties from each
book sale. This is a potential 6 figure income.
30) Create a E-Commerce Stores/Manage them
If you have $3k to $10k you can go and create your own store.
service. Where you
create/manage stores for other brands. You allow them to do all of the
heavy lifting (staff, fee’s, overhead, investing) and you come in and
make sure it runs.
Most deals like this are either a monthly payment ($1,500 to $8k) or you
can do performance based. Meaning whatever the profit is, you take a
31) Online Advertising Specialist
To me this is a made up title. Essentially you help people take their
product or service. And advertise their offers.
Be different than others by showing you actually get results. I’d have a
million bucks if I counted the amount of people who’ve reached out
offering their service to me over the years.
Gain experience by either successfully marketing your own product or start
with one client and build from there.
32) Create WordPress Themes
This is a niche way of building websites that doesn’t require as much skill.
You can easily get to 5k-10k a month if you have a good eye for website
Back when I did web design I always ran my sites on Marketers
Delight. It’s a WordPress theme which has everything you need. But
with this skill you can reach out to local companies, Twitter brands,
or other bloggers and pitch your services.
33) Email Outreach
Email outreach is where you Scrape emails and then send emails (mostly
copy pasted with a little tweak) to 10-30 people a day. This can also include
getting your clients onto podcasts and other platforms. Most people
charge 80 cents to $2 per email sent. I’d go on the lower end until you’ve
built up a name for yourself.
So if you charge .80 per email, after 200 you will have $160. It is a very
simple job, just repetitive and you can offer it to tons of people on
How to Get the Most Out of Working Remotely
The reality of working remotely gives you complete freedom to live and
do whatever you want to do.
Without an actual boss however, you’ll start feeling lazy. You can’t sit on a
beach all day sipping on Margaritas while you work.
However, that’s the quickest way to end up as one of those backpacking
losers living on $800 a month in Asia or South America.
This is your job and will soon become a full on business. Remote work
provides you with the ability to earn whatever you want as I discussed in the
1st edition. If you’re wanting to just work here and there, you’re better off
keeping your day job.
However, if you’re serious about working for yourself and being able to
live whatever life you dream of? Then pick a skill and let’s get to work.
You’re 1 client away from never needing a 9-5 job again.
So what’s next...
From what to offer, how to offer it, and much more within the future
editions of HU: Freelancer classes.
Because the traditional work model was all about time on the clock.
Freelancing is all about results.
Allowing you to effectively earn as much or as little as you want. It’s there I
drop weekly insights and hacks on how to make money remotely.
Always the best,
Your friend,
Dylan Madden