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My trip to the united states

My trip to the United
Written by: Miral Khalaf
My name is Duha, a girl in my 20 s. I’m living on an island
named Comoros This Island does not contain Corona
Virus, a dangerous virus that started in china.
I finished my study in the high school, and I got high
marks, so I got a scholarship to study in the USA’s
universities, and from here my story starts.
My scholarship was in the best university in the USA
named Princeton University. And, Of course, I agree.
I underestimated the effects of Corona Virus, and did not
give much attention to it. I was touching a lot of things
without gloves. Then I travelled.
When I arrived I arranged my things, and when I relaxed,
I went to explore the university. Then I started studying
in this university daily. I neglected the quality of my food
and all my meals were fast food!
After two weeks, I started to warm and my temperature
rose, so I applied for a leave from the university, and I
called the doctor. When the doctor came to my
apartment, he did the checks, and then he told me that I
have the Dangerous virus.
For a moment, I thought of going back home, but if I go
back, this virus would be in my beautiful island.
Then the doctor told me to isolate myself from people
and to take vitamins to be able to protect myself from
this disease.
Regret began to seep into me, but now I have no time
for regret. I checked about Corona virus on the internet, I
knew how i can overcome it.
The doctor came another time, Then, he checked me and
told me that the virus vanished from my body, so I went
very quickly back home.
I wanted to share my story with you so that you will be
more attentive to this virus and not to get infected
because it might happen to you the same way it
happened to me if you don’t follow safety rules. I hope
my story will teach you valuable lesson.