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Ethics Reaction Paper

Dalisay, Elpidio Matt Laurence G.
February 24, 2022
2T GEd107 CPET2201
Nenita Luneta-Gallego, Ed. D., PIE
Reaction Paper of: Govern yourself first before governing others
By Former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales
Definition of Terms
1. Excellence (Page 1, 4th paragraph)
- It is the quality of being outstanding and being outstanding.
2. Selfless (Page 2, 5th paragraph)
- being more concerned to others and can sacrifice one’s self in order to help
3. Humility (Page 2, 6th paragraph)
- It is the quality of being humble.
4. Brilliantly Trained (Page 3, 2nd paragraph)
- exceptionally and properly trained
5. Empower (Page 3, 2nd paragraph)
- to enlightened someone or to make them stronger and more confident.
6. Patriotism (Page 4, 4th paragraph)
- love and support to your country.
7. Respect (Page 4, 5th – 6th paragraph)
- accepting someone for who they are, even when they're different from you and
the state of being admired.
Reaction Paper
Conchita Carpio Morales, a retired Supreme Court justice and former
Ombudsman, gave a powerful speech to the graduates of the UP College of Law,
in which she discussed the real challenges that they will encounter on their next
trip in their chosen profession. She reminded them of the trials and tribulations
they had through while studying law over the years.
One of the points made by the Supreme Court justice and former
Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales that stand out for me is that she expects
the graduates to see the wrongdoings of government officials and politicians who
are still blind in the real status of our country. She also wanted them to make
things right as a future lawyer and to help the voices of the people that is not
being heard and to give justice and equality to those who are in need especially
to the poor people.
By reading this article, I realized the importance of hard work. The phrase
"hard work is the key to success" is well-known. Although a little bit of luck plays
a significant function, I believe that hard work is really the key to success.
Parents, teachers, and others encourage a child to study hard so that he might
earn good grades. In fact, if luck were the sole factor, no one would work and
instead wait for their lick to shine. Also, perseverance and working smarter is
another factor to achieve success. For me, A student stands out first and
foremost if he works hard in class. After graduation, many students claim that
they were either unlucky in getting good grades or that the evaluators evaluated
their papers unjustly. But, once again, these are only grounds for which no
choice can be offered. Individuals nowadays have the ability to do something and
a desire to achieve a certain level of success. Whether your luck shines or not,
the condition is hard work and efforts will help you get back on your feet
whenever you need it.
Upon reading this article, I also understand the significance of virtues and
values in our lives. Based on my knowledge, values are the foundation of a good
moral character and an individual who lives his life according to his values will
never stumble or fall short of his goals, and all of his decisions, even in the face
of difficulties he or she will be rational and wise. Our virtues and values will be
our guiding principles, and will help us maintain our values to our moral
standard. I totally agree with the statement of the retired Supreme Court justice
and former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales discussed in the article,
"Govern yourself first before governing others," because You can't be a leader if
you don't know how to lead and if you are not a good follower. It also applies in
our academics and school works. If we don't work hard enough studying, there is
a chance that we will not be able to find descent jobs as we grow older. It is really
important to apply values and virtues in our daily lives because both of them are
attitudes, or character traits that enable us to be and to act in ways that develop
our true potential.