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Rudy Martinez Character Reference Letter for Mom

Rudy Martinez
HWY 201
Ontario Oregon 97914
To: Darrold Pratzer
or to whom this may concern,
I am proudly writing this character reference letter for Belinda Cuellar who happens to be
my Mom and because I believe she deserves better then what has been happening to her
lately in regards to her present situation. I have known Belinda Cuellar all my life and am
aware of her past convictions with the court and this is not the person that I know, and I
would like to give you a perspective that shows that she is more than the sum of her
actions from the time that this happened to her. Belinda Cuellar was a very good parent to
me and my siblings as growing up and she always made it clear to us that having an
education is very important to have and she was determined that she wanted us to go to
college after graduation. Belinda Cuellar kept taking classes at the TVCC and did on line
classes at another college and I remember her paying out of her pocket just to try out
another college on line. And because of these things she did and reminding each and every
one of us about college, that is what helped me to succeed and to graduate college. I
don't think I could have done it without the help of my Mom which helped me to get a
Bachelor Degree in Real Estate.
For the past year I have been helping her to get into the real estate business and I have
been giving her the same homework I used to do and with the same materials that I used
to train with to be a real estate agent. Belinda Cuellar was there for me while I completed
my college classes and made sure she had a home for me so I could finish college even
though she wasn't able to complete her college classes because she needed to find a job
to make sure we had a stable home.
Now I have been taking her to go with me to show houses that are for sale and currently
is now learning how to do the documents that are needed to sell a house. And I am
making it easier for Belinda Cuellar to learn how to make the documents because they do
not help you to learn how to make the documents that are being prepared when getting
ready to sell a house.
What I have noticed about Belinda Cuellar is that she has changed into a better person
and wanting to learn by her past mistakes and to make sure that she does not make the
same mistakes again. I know my Mom has gone through ups and downs but, I have seen
that she has always been able to over come any stress that passes her by.
Belinda Cuellar is doing very well now that I helped her to move in to a bigger place that
keeps her busy.I believe Belinda Cuellar deserves a second chance to change her life
around for the better. I trust that you will make a fair decision in her current situation. If
you have any question please give me a call. Thank you
Rudy Martinez
Real Estate Agent