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Goblin Blitz

The Goblins of the Smelly Hole warren were, well Goblins. The Family relied on each other equally as
much as they fought one another. The Small Rock goblins live under the rule of Matriarch SnallyGast.
Her 5 daughters ensure the continuation of her Warren. All other goblins are males.
The daughter Sky (Shaman/ healer) foretold of the destruction of the warren is the Goblins did not begin
to trade and interact with the outside world. The Matriarch then sent 4 of the sons of daughter Bric* to
trade with the over dwellers.
During the trek to the outside. The brothers ran into a group of gnomes. These gnomes barred the
goblins from advancing to the village beyond. They intimidated them and drove them back to the
The Matriarch was not please and petitioned to the god Maglubiyet. Seeing the need, and relishing the
though of war, he has given potential to all goblins in conflict. His words echo throughout the Warren,
Such the war between the Small Rock Goblins and the Keebler Gnomes began.
The power given to the goblins allows them to gain “Big Goblin” levels.
Every 2 kills, or level cleared, goblins will gain a level. On 2nd level, they become imbued with the power
of Maglubiyet. Players will roll a d12 to determine class. Players will also roll for equipment, potions,
armor, and random items per floor.
The Gnome Hole
The Keebler Gnomes live as a multi generational unit in a cluster of large mounds. The ruins are
the remains of an ancient dungeon whose inhabitants have left, or were subdued. Even so the
gnomes only inhabit those rooms that were easy to clean and make livable. The rest they
boarded off or set traps against any returning denizens. Here they have lived for 3 generations.
The top of the hill has 4 mounds on top. A d/c 20 search check can find the opening in any of
the 4 hills. On the way to the mound, the goblins will stumble into a sink hole with a tunnel that
leads in the direction of the mound.
The 5 clans all chose different paths. The players must choose one of these groups to become a
part of. They will travel through until the level is cleared. They can then chose to keep the
current group and character or change to another group.
DM notes: This is not a Hero campaign. These gnomes are fighting for their Gnome home. They
will kill goblins equally if not more, than the goblins themselves. Also the Gnomes have the
knowledge and layout of the dungeon, including the traps that remain.
Roll d12 to determine class on new goblin.
1: Barbarian
d10 Roll Mechanical Source
1. Trip wire
2. Pressure plate
3. Opening a door
4. Lifting the lid on a chest
5. Grabbing a certain rung of a ladder
6. Removing an object from it’s resting place
7. Touching anything in the room, including the floor
8. Breaking the beam of a light source
9. Disturbing a source of water in the room
10. Pulling on a suspicious looking rope hanging from the ceiling
d10 Roll Mechanical Triggered
1. Gears can be heard grinding from inside the walls
2. A low boom is heard that echoes out through the dungeon
3. A high pitched whirring can be heard
4. Various ticking sounds are heard
5. A quick release of steam followed by a bang
6. A low rumbling that shakes the room for a moment
7. A single click
8. The sound of chains sliding across stone
9. A thumping sound that starts slow and begins picking up speed
10. Nothing. Silence
d10 Roll Mechanical Trap
1. The floor opens downward into a 40 foot pit
From unseen slits in the wall, poisoned needles fly out
A wall opens revealing a golem to ambush the party
A large log swings down from the ceiling
The parts of the dungeon begin collapsing, blocking off areas
Vents on the ceiling begin emptying noxious fumes into the room
A large blade swings horizontally across the room attempting to decapitate
The room begins filling with water after the doors slam shut
The walls slowly begin closing inwards
A large rolling boulder drops from the ceiling towards the party
d10 Roll Arcane Source
1. An arcane rune on the floor
2. Arcane markings around a door frame
3. A pillar that has a low hum to it
4. A jeweled eye that scans the room
5. Stone statue that has glowing red eyes
6. A mysterious green fog that rolls around the base of the room
7. A very dimly lit candle that could be extinguished with the faintest breath
Traps cont.
8. A phrase scrawled on the wall that activates when said out loud
9. Failing to cast any spell on a dull crystal floating in the center of the room
10. Lighting a rather inviting looking torch in the center of the room
d10 Roll Arcane Triggered
1. A low hum is heard
2. A very unnatural light begins glowing brightly from an unknown source
3. Any runes in the room begin glowing a bright red
4. The room suddenly drops drastically in temperature
5. The room gets uncomfortably hot
6. A soft hiss is heard
7. A fizzling sound is heard
8. A high pitched hum rings out
9. A crackling of energy is heard through the room
10. Silence
d10 Roll Arcane Trap
1. Sleep is cast on the room
2. Victim must resist being petrified
3. A fireball explodes throughout the room
4. All surfaces of the room begin to become too hot to touch (Effectively heat metal)
5. Fumes begin materializing as if stinking cloud was cast
6. A wall of lightning races towards the victim and any others in its way
7. All people in the room have blindness cast on them
8. The victim is sent to the astral plane for one minute
9. Everything in the room begins to levitate, no save
10. The spell Confusion is cast on everyone
d100 Effect. The potions main effect is...
1. Healing. It instantly regenerates some health when drank.
2. Vigor. Gives temporary health when drank.
3. Vitality. It slowly regenerates health over a period of some hours.
4. Might. It gives a bonus to attack rolls after drinking.
5. Courage. Gives immunity to fear and some temporary inspiration.
6. Giant Strength. It gives the user much more strength.
7. Flame Resistance. It gives resistance to fire damage.
8. Cold Resistance. It gives resistance to cold damage.
9. Necro Resistance. Gives resistance to necrotic damage.
10. Radiant Resistance. Gives resistance to radiant damage.
11. Stoneskin. Gives resistance to martial damage.
12. Acid Resistance. Gives resistance to acid.
13. Lightning Resistance. Gives resistance to lightning damage.
14. Succubus Charm. Makes the drinker irresistible to nearby people.
15. Shielding. Gives the user a magical shield of energy.
16. Flame Breath. Gives the user fire breath for a short time.
17. Growth. Makes the user double in size.
18. Shrinking. Makes the user half in size.
19. Comprehension. Lets the user understand all languages.
20. Fertility. Makes the user very fertile, almost certain to make a baby under its effects!
21. Intimidation. Gives the user a huge booming voice that terrifies those around.
22. Luck. It gives the user a temporary boost to luck.
23. Mana. Gives the user more magical power to cast with.
24. Arcane. Gives the user more powerful spells.
25. Animal form. Makes the user turn into a random animal.
26. Dreams. Makes the user get lost in a hallucinary dream world of their perfect dream.
27. Nightmares. Makes the user get lost in a hallucinary dream world of their worst nightmares.
28. Stamina. Gives the user more stamina and constitution.
29. Fleet foot. Makes the user have more speed.
30. Knowledge. Increases the users intelligence temporarily.
31. The Bard. Increases the users charisma and charm temporarily.
32. Disguise. Changes the users form to a disguised form of any race and appeance.
33. Feast. Removes all hunger and thirst from the target.
34. Youth. Makes the user grow some years younger.
35. Age. Makes the user grow some years older.
36. Furnace. Makes the user radiate with a damaging aura.
37. Eagle Sight. Gives the user strong vision and a bonus to perception.
38. Health. Cures all diseases and illnesses.
39. Invulnerability. Freezes the user in stasis that makes them immune to damage but they cannot
move or act.
40. Riddle me gone. Gives the user the cure to a single riddle.
41. Horrifying appearance. Makes the user look more ugly for a time.
Beautiful appearance. Makes the user appear more attractive for a time.
Swordsmanship. Makes the user more effective and versatile with a blade.
Bowmanship. Makes the user more effective with a bow or ranged weapon.
Nymph Breath. Gives water breathing.
Midas. Makes the user turn things to gold.
Berserker. Makes the user rage with great strength.
Utter Hatred. Makes the user have bonuses against a particular type of enemy.
Oracle. Lets the user divinate the future.
Demonic Leech. Heals a portion of all damage the user deals.
Fey Nature. Lets the user become one with animals and nature around them.
Tracelessness. Makes the user very hard to follow.
Gracefulness. Makes the user have a better acrobatics skill.
Goblin Climb. Gives the user a bonus to climbing.
Dead Ringer. Makes the user appear completely dead to all magic.
One Leafed Clover. Gives the user worst luck.
Possession. Lets the user gain control of a nearby creature, their body comatosed while they
Owls Wake. Makes the user need no sleep for a time.
Hawks Flight. Lets the user fly.
Peace. Makes the user very calm and unable to harm others.
Rejuvenation. Heals a single scar or bad injury on the user such as a missing arm.
Sphinxes Truth. Makes the user tell the truth.
Serpent Tongue. Makes the user only able to lie.
Navigation. Makes the user unable to get lost and find where they need.
Hook Horror. The users hands become sharp weaponised blades.
Schaffensfreude. Makes the enemies take damage as they deal it to the user.
Invisibility. Makes the user invisible.
Wild magic. Taps into wild magic making an absolutely random thing happen.
Fame. Makes the user more famous.
Goats Trek. Makes the user immune to the toils of long travels and bad weather.
Gargoyle Toughness. Increases the users constitution.
Atomic Clock. Lets the user know the exact tme and date.
Transmutation. Lets the user have the ability to change somethings properties.
Iron Skin. Turns the users skin to metal giving them many resistances.
Sex Change. Changes the users gender.
Race Change. Changes the users race.
Musical Breath. Makes the user say everything in song, and fey music follows them in the air.
Utter Understanding. Makes the user know very intimately about one exact thing. Random, or
they can decide.
Split Form. The user turns into two or three tiny versions of themselves and controls them all.
Flavour. Makes anything and everything taste amazing!
Glimmer. Makes the user and its gear instantly clean and as good looking as possible.
Love. Makes the user and someone else fall in love.
Poison. Poisons the user, weakening them.
Rebirth. Resurrects the user if they die soon after drinking.
Elemental form. Turns the user to an elemental form relevant to their personality.
86. True form. Turns the user into a familiar like creature similar to their personality.
87. Gods Touch. Gives the user a holy connection to their god or fiendish deity.
88. Antidepressant. Does what it says on the tin.
89. Ghostly Form. Makes the user intangible and able to phase through objects.
90. Artisans Skill. Gives the user skill in a particular art temporarily.
91. Godly form. Improves all stats.
92. Bless Weapon. Makes the users weapons do more damage.
93. Euphoria. Makes the user feel amazing and trip out.
94. Bodyguard. Creates a spectral bodyguard for a short time who obeys orders.
95. Babelfish. Lets the user speak any language but not understand it.
96. Preservation. Stops whatever its poured on from rotting or degrading.
97. Fear. Makes the user terrified.
98. Night vision. Gives the ability to see in the dark.
99. Tracking. Lets the user track an enemy.
Cure-all. Cures any status effects.
D4 Strength. The potions strength is...
1. Regular
2. Major
3. Minor
4. Poison
Random Magic Weapons (d%)
1-30% Simple Melee
31-80% Martial Melee
81-88% Simple Missile
89-100% Martial Missile
Simple Melee (d%)
1-5% club
6-20% dagger
21-25% greatclub
26-35% handaxe
36-45% javelin
46-50% light hammer
51-65% mace
66-75% quarterstaff
76-80% sickle
81-100% spear
Simple Missile (d%)
1-30% crossbow, light
31-45% dart
46-90% shortbow
91-100% sling
Martial Melee (d%)
1-15% axe (see table below)
16-18% flail
19-38% polearm (see table below)
39-83% sword (see table below)
84-86% lance
87-89% maul
90-93% morningstar
94-96% war pick
97-99% warhammer
100% whip
Axes (%)
1-60% battleaxe
61-100% greataxe
Polearms (%)
1-25% glaive
26-60% halberd
61-95% pike
96-100% trident
Sword (%)
1-20% greatsword
21-40% longsword
41-60% rapier
61-80% scimitar
81-100% shortsword
Martial Missile (%)
1-5% blowgun
6-20% crossbow, hand
21-40% crossbow, heavy
41-100% longbow
Leather 10 gp
11 + Dex modifier
Padded 5 gp
11 + Dex modifier
Studded Leather
45 gp
12 + Dex modifier
10 lb.
8 lb.
13 lb.
12 lb.
400 gp 14 + Dex modifier (max 2)
Half Plate
750 gp 15 + Dex modifier (max 2)
Chain Shirt
50 gp
13 + Dex modifier (max 2)
Scale Mail
50 gp
14 + Dex modifier (max 2)
30 gp
40 lb.
Str 15 Disadvantage
65 lb.
Str 13 Disadvantage
55 lb.
Medium Armor
10 gp
12 + Dex modifier (max 2)
Heavy Armor
Ring Mail
1,500 gp
Chain Mail
75 gp
Splint 200 gp 17
Str 15 Disadvantage
Shield 10 gp
6 lb.
60 lb.
20 lb.
40 lb.
20 lb.
45 lb.