Uploaded by Dranyl Eve Ventura


Lyceum Northwestern University
Tapuac District, Dagupan City
Second Semester
Ventura, Dranyl Eve C.
March 23, 2022
BSED-English III
Sidewalks, footsteps, bone-chilling. December 2022. That was
the month my heartbeat doesn’t prepare for like I’m on a horse
ride. I know you’re curious about what really happened to me. Let’s
just say that I’m browsing my TikTok after bath, and these seven
Korean men catch my full attention. Wearing mustard yellow suits
with the blend of blacks, shades on their salmon eyes, dancing
through the beat and it goes like “smooth like butter and rolling
on like a rolling stone”. Do you want to know an inspiring story?
It’s just a three-minute video, but I swear that video shakes
my whole world upside down. I have a confession to tell. I am not
really a fan of boy groups specifically kpop. I always say that
“they’re not my type,” “baryotic”, and many more. But, after
watching that jaw-dropping video, my index finger started to click
the phone on my screen and search for the “story behind that Korean
boy group.” I know it sounds, unbelievable, and I just swallow
what I said about them. Here I am admiring them with their
lifestyle before, how they start as a group, characters, attitudes,
electrifying music that really stabs you with realizations in life.
Heaven gives me seven reasons to live. Seven people who taught
me how to love myself. A farmer before but have a bigger view on
himself and decided to search the quest of life in Seoul Korea,
Kim Taehyung. Oldest member but young at heart, the laughter that
is like listening to my favorite song, the worldwide handsome, Kim
Seokjin. An English speaker of the group, high intellectual
quality, and the best leader of the best group, Kim Namjoon. A
street dancer but doesn’t lose his hope to be on stage and perform
worldwide. His mother believed in his capability, and she
auditioned his son without knowing is the best decision his mother
made for him for his entire life, Jung Hoseok. A chubby face and
body before that always bullied by his classmate especially the
love of his life, battled with depression but cannot be shaken to
pursue his dreams, Park Jimin. Fluffy eyes and innocent face
brought him to Seoul at an early age fighting for his dream, the
golden maknae, Jeon Jungkook. Lastly, a service crew before being
fooled by his girlfriend rejected thousands of his song
compositions but never give up on his music career, the best rapper
in the world, Min Yoongi. It sounds apocalyptic but thank you for
healing me each day. I know that you don’t know that I exist maybe
destiny might give them to me, but destiny also don’t give me to
I always dream of purple skies above a garden surrounded by
butterflies. In deep oceans blue and grey, during spring floating
with leaves. I always doubt myself if I can make it right. I wish
upon an ethereal glow of a warm purple moon, that one day our
universe will pave its way and our string will be entangled. You’ll
forever be the cause of my euphoria that produces oxytocin to my
favorite song and onomatopoeia. There will come a time that your
voice will be someone’s personal lullabies but thank you for
completing the maze of my life.