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Geno-Pheno Check

Genotype/Phenotype Review
1. For each genotype below, indicate whether it is a heterozygous (He) OR homozygous (Ho).
TT _____ Bb _____ DD _____ Ff _____ tt _____ dd ____
Dd _____ ff _____ Tt _____ bb _____ BB _____ FF ____
a. Write all genotypes in #1 that would be considered purebred? ___________________
b. Write all genotypes in #1 that are hybrids? _______________________
For each of the genotypes below determine what phenotypes would be possible.
Purple flowers are dominant to white flowers.
Round seeds are dominant to wrinkled seeds
PP __________________
RR ________________
Pp __________________
Rr ________________
pp __________________
rr ________________
Now, circle Heterozygous genotypes & underline homozygous genotypes in the section above.
For each phenotype below, list the genotypes possible.
Short tails (t) in Australian shepherds are recessive to long tails (T).
Short tail genotype(s) _______
Long tail genotype(s) _______
Curly hair (C) is dominant to straight hair (c) in hamsters.
Straight hair genotype(s) ______
Curly hair genotype(s) ______
Place three like terms in each box: Heterozygous, Homozygous, Same, Different, Hybrid,
Pure bred,