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Activity 3 (2)

Narrative Essay
Series: Top Gear
Top gear is a British T.V series that is focused around examining and reviewing cars, bikes and
other automotive machinery while keeping a comedy and fun touch. The main theme could be
identified in the 2002 series where opening scenes were led by Jeremy Clarkson and Richard
Hammond reviewing latest sports car at that time. The other theme is comedy and fun and it is
slowly evolved in upcoming series where James May (Mr. Slowly) gave a contrasting touch to
Jeremy’s views. The famous dialogues “and on that terrible disappointment” and “Oh my giddy
aunt” sums up the humorous part.
Exposition: the show starts in the studio hall where a latest car review segment is
followed by the shows introductory video.
Rising Action: the action is placed mostly in the middle part where the vehicles are
compared with one another and the three hosts try to outrun each in the quest of making
their respective vehicle stand out.
Climax: it is mostly when the action i.e., race or any other competition takes place and
mostly the hosts try to cheat their way into winning.
Falling Action: as the show starts to come to an end, the three hosts state true facts apart
from all the fun and humorous side and briefly provide an honest opinion.
Denouncement: the part where James May is mostly insulted because of him being slow.
The cast of this show has the leading character ‘Jeremy Clarkson’ who aims to provide us with a
review of every latest car, some old cars and also about the upcoming cars. Throughout the show
the three hosts try to humiliate one another and win but it is mostly Jeremy Clarkson and Richard
Hammond on the winning side.
The conflict in this series is based on the type of character the three men hold. Jeremy is more
focused on speed and power, whereas James prefers smoothness and care of his cars and
provides a soft delegate touch and Richard Hammond combines both aspects but always blows
up the stuff or is involved in an accident.
The famous T.V series ‘TOP GEAR’ is a show conducted all across the world, but the head
office (BBC) is located in England. The show was been carried on from 2002 to 2015.
Point of View:
The series starts kicks on from main character, Jeremy Clarkson’s and Richard Hammond’s
views but then after 3 series James May joins the show.
Admission Essay
The theme of essay is about a boy who was once an introvert but gradually grew his trust and
social circle after signing up for squash.
Exposition: the introduction of essay has author describing himself as an introvert.
Rising Action: The arrival of squash-buster team at campus and signing up the main
Climax: Since becoming a squash player, the author/ main character has become more
social, more tangible in his comfort zone and better adapted to the changing environment.
Falling Down: The character started to realize his capabilities which were beyond his
own thought.
Denouncement: The character wants to know more about his potential and wants to gain
more advantage of socialization.
The main character is the author himself.
The conflict is that the character was trying to resist the changes in himself and to be introvert
instead of being socializing and opening with the world.
The setting is I opening part where character is places in university but then goes for tours and
adventure trips.
Point of View:
First person point of view as author describes himself.
Involves dramatical way and his fall and rise.