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Letter of Offer & Agreement
International Students
Student Name:
Nguyen Thi Lan
Courtesy Title:
Offer ID:
. Dong Tan Area, Thanh Hoa City Thanh Hoa Province 00000 Vietnam
Agent/Referee Name:
Ausking IInternational Investment Consulting Group
Date of Birth:
Dear Mr Trong Quang Nguyen
Thank you for your application for admission to Clinton English. We are pleased to offer you a place as an international student
subject to you providing evidence on meeting the terms and conditions below:
*Student Orientation 02/06/2022
Commencement 02/06/2022
*You must participate in the Orientation program.
Course CRICOS Code Course Name
Start Date – End Date
Hrs/Week (face to face) Duration (Weeks) & Location
IELTS Preparation 02/06/2022 - 02/11/2022 20
22 & Lt Lonsdale Campus
Course prerequisite requirements met (if applicable)
Total Course Fee:
First Instalment:
Enrolment Fee:
Overseas Students Health Cover:
Material Fee:
Total Payable Now:
To confirm your place and for Clinton English to issue you with an
electronic Certificate of Enrolment (eCoE) – which you need to apply
for your Australian visa - please ensure we receive the following as
soon as possible:
• Fees identified in the box "Total Payable Now" above (for
details, please see Tax Invoice on next page.)
• Please complete Section 1 and 2.
• Read the agreement and then sign on the last page and return
the entire agreement.
• If this offer is conditional, please provide the following as soon
as possible or at time of payment / confirmation of enrolment.
Before returning the Student Agreement attached
– check all of these items required have been
Completed sections 1 & 2 and signed
agreement on the last page
Organise payment of the fees itemised under
the heading "Total Payable Now" (See Tax
Invoice on next page.)
Arranged OSHC cover (either through Clinton
English) or directly yourself
You must also bring your original education documents with you when you come to Australia so that we can verify your
This offer is dependent upon satisfactorily completing all government visa formalities, observance of all regulations and
payment of fees and charges as above. We look forward to having you study with Clinton English and once again
congratulations on your successful application.
Clinton English | CRICOS Provider Code: 03895J
Level 3, 377 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
www.clintonenglish.vic.edu.au | Tel: 03 9670 9292
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Letter of Offer & Agreement
International Students
Payment Schedule
Study Period
# Weeks
Fee Name
Due Date
Term break
Proposal # CRICOS Course Code
Course Name
IELTS Preparation
Holiday Start Date - Holiday End Date
Total # Holiday Weeks
Two (2) weeks
Conditions of enrolment
No condition
Students will not be allowed to start their course at Clinton English until fees mentioned in 'Total Payable Now' have been
Please use the proposal number as a reference for all payments.
Please make payments to:
1. By Card;
• Credit Card: VISA or MasterCard (1.5%
surcharge applies)
• EFTPOS or Debit Card
2. By Draft or Cheque
Detach this section and mail your cheque to:
Clinton English
Level 3, 377 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000
3. By Bank Deposit or Internet Transfer direct
to our bank account*
Clinton English
309-325 Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne
VIC 3000
Account No: 152599075
* Please put the proposal number as reference.
Amounts are in Australian Dollars.
Must ensure No Bank Charges deducted from this amount.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to Clinton English.
Yours faithfully,
Admissions Officer
Admissions Department
Clinton English | CRICOS Provider Code: 03895J
Level 3, 377 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
www.clintonenglish.vic.edu.au | Tel: 03 9670 9292
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Student Agreement
2. Course Fees and Other Charges
✔ Provide information where requested in the Agreement.
Please use only black or blue pen. All entries must be
clearly written and in CAPITAL LETTERS.
✔ Read the Agreement carefully and be sure that you
understand each section. If you have any questions
regarding any provision of this agreement, please feel
free to contact Student Administration before you sign.
✔ Sign and date the last page
1. Course Details
I accept the following offer extended by Clinton English via
their offer letter.
I understand that this offer constitutes the basis of the
agreement for my studies at Clinton English.
Any reference to "The College" in this agreement refers to
Clinton English.
Please tick the course offered and accepted:
General English
English for Academic Purposes
IELTS Preparation
Other ____________________________
There are no work placements for any of these courses.
The following are all possible fees at Clinton English:
Fees Table
Tuition Fee
Enrolment Fee
Material Fees – ELICOS Courses
Airport Pick-Up
Accommodation Placement Fee
Charges for Late Payment
Charge for lost ID card
Charge for lost Certificate
Fee (AU$)
As per page 1
As per page 1
As per page 1
$150 (one-way)
$50 per installment
$50 + postage
3. Overseas Healthcare Cover Information
It is a requirement of the Australian Government that all
students studying on a student visa are covered by Overseas
Students Health Cover (OSHC) during the entire time they are
in Australia. This means that OSHC will be required from the
date of arrival to the date of departure. Clinton English
represents BUPA, a recognised provider of OSHC and can
arrange for this cover in which case the amount of cover will
be in addition to the fees outlined in the offer letter. For latest
fees and charges please refer to www.bupa.com.au.
Students accompanied by their family must also pay the
OSHC family cover fee.
4. Student Responsibilities and Conditions
The following are your responsibilities as a student:
a. Have sufficient funds to finance both tuition fees and
living expenses for the duration of my course. I
understand that tuition fee does not cover the costs of
books (apart from materials provided), school supplies,
field trips or living expenses unless otherwise specified.
b. If family members accompany me to Australia, then I
realise that I am responsible for all education and other
living cost/expenses of these people. I understand that
all school aged dependents accompanying me must
attend school and I am required to pay full fees whether
they are enrolled in a government or non-government
c. I must complete six months of my principal course of
study before I become eligible for release to transfer to
another registered provider except in exceptional
circumstances as defined in the National Code 2018.
Clinton English | CRICOS Provider Code: 03895J
Level 3, 377 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
www.clintonenglish.vic.edu.au | Tel: 03 9670 9292
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Student Agreement
d. The continuation of my course is dependent on my
compliance with my student visa conditions which
include commencement on the agreed course start
date, satisfactory academic progress and attendance
(English language students only) and payment of
required tuition fees before the commencement of each
study period. I will also notify Clinton English of all
changes of my personal contact details including
address, mobile number and e-mail address.
e. I will maintain current Overseas Student Health Cover
while enrolled.
f. I agree to attend all classes, course-related information
sessions, supervised study sessions and assessment
sessions and undertake all assessments and attend
the orientation and enrolment program at Clinton
English preceding the start date of the Course as
outlined in the Letter of Offer.
g. I agree to seek assistance from the trainers and or
counsellors and other support staff as soon as I
experience difficulties with any aspect of my course. I
will attend Intervention Support and/or Counselling
Sessions at Clinton English if requested to do so.
h. If I have received sponsorship for my study I give
permission for Clinton English to provide my sponsor
with information about my academic progress,
examination results, and a broad outline of any health
issues affecting my academic studies.
i. I understand that I'm responsible for keeping a copy of
the written agreement as supplied by Clinton English,
and receipts of any payments of tuition fees or nontuition fees.
j. I understand that as an overseas student or intending
overseas student, while in Australia and studying with
Clinton English, I must notify Clinton English of my
contact details including:
k. my current residential address, mobile number (if any)
and email address (if any)
l. who to contact in emergency situations
m. any changes to my details above, within 7 days of the
Clinton English Responsibilities
The following are The College's responsibilities:
a. Clinton English shall use its reasonable efforts to
complete the course as advertised but if the course
needs to be postponed or cancelled, Clinton English
will offer the student the opportunity to transfer to an
alternative course or will provide the applicable refund.
b. Clinton English shall aim to provide a learning
environment that is conducive for learning by selecting
and hiring qualified teaching personnel, making
available learning facilities and up-to-date equipment,
and providing student support services to help students
in the transition to life and study in a new environment.
c. Clinton English will monitor students' course progress
to identify "at-risk" students with the sole purpose of
assisting these students to complete their course within
the expected duration.
d. Clinton English will deliver all ELICOS courses with 20
face-to-face contact hours a week.
e. Clinton English will provide students with information
pertinent to them including changes to visa conditions
affecting course progress and/or attendance, available
accommodation options, living expenses, job
opportunities, emergency and health services, legal
f. Clinton English is obliged to notify Government
agencies of any change to a student enrolment and
academic outcomes.
g. In case of a course not being delivered, Clinton English
will provide the option to transfer to an alternative course
or if the student does not wish to transfer they will be
provided with a refund, which will be based on number
of weeks studied.
Role of TPS
The Tuition Protection Service (TPS) is an initiative of the
Australian Government to assist international students whose
education providers are unable to fully deliver their course of
study. The TPS ensures that international students are able to
• complete their studies in another course or with another
education provider or
• receive a refund of their unspent tuition fees.
Australia has a well established international education sector
with over 1200 education providers delivering a high quality
education to international students. For many years now
Australia has been a world leader in protecting the tuition fees
of international students studying in Australia on a student
visa. Recent changes to the Education Services for Overseas
Students (ESOS) Act have further strengthened protections for
international students through the introduction of the Tuition
Protection Service (TPS).
In the unlikely event your education provider is unable to
deliver a course you have paid for and does not meet their
obligations to either offer you an alternative course that you
accept or pay you a refund of your unspent prepaid tuition
fees (this is called a provider's 'default obligations'), the TPS
will assist you in finding an alternative course or to get a
refund if a suitable alternative is not found.
Taken from: https://tps.gov.au/Home
7. Complaints and Appeals Process
a. The full Complaints and Appeals policy is available from
the Clinton English website.
b. If the applicant (or student) is dissatisfied with any
decision made by Clinton English or our Education
agents or any other person providing a service arranged
by Clinton English, then you may file a complaint against
that decision at any time. This includes fee demands
and refunds given, if any. Clinton English will start
assessing your complaint within 10 days and respond
back to you as soon as practicable. You are welcome to
bring a friend to any meetings and a response will be
provided in writing.
c. If you are not satisfied with the decision, you may appeal
the decision for it to be reviewed (internal appeal). The
internal appeal procedure allows for an objective review
of the decision made. If you are still not happy then you
can apply for an external appeal to be heard by an
independent body – Overseas Students Ombudsman.
The College will immediately follow the external appeal
d. This written agreement, and the right to make
complaints and seek appeals of decisions and action
under various processes, does not affect the rights of
the student to take action under the Australian
Consumer Law if the Australian Consumer Law applies.
Clinton English | CRICOS Provider Code: 03895J
Level 3, 377 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
www.clintonenglish.vic.edu.au | Tel: 03 9670 9292
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Student Agreement
8. Deferment, Suspension or Cancellation
The full Deferment, Suspension and Cancellation policy is
available on the website (www.clintonenglish.com.au) or can
be requested from Clinton English Administration.
8.1 College Initiated Deferral, Suspension or Cancellation of
a. The College may defer a student's commencement on
the following grounds:
◦ When a course is not offered.
◦ When there are compassionate or compelling
circumstances (evidence may be required)
b. The College may suspend a student's enrolment in the
following instances:
◦ When a student is deemed to be in breach of the
Student Code of Conduct (Misbehaviour by the
◦ When a student is deemed not making satisfactory
course progress and fails to comply with the
requirements of the Course Progress Intervention
◦ Non-payment of outstanding fees.
c. The College may cancel a student enrolment on the
following instances:
◦ When a student demonstrates serious breach of
the Student Code of Conduct (Misbehaviour by the
◦ When a student is in breach of the Course
Progress Policy.
◦ When a student is in breach of the Attendance
Monitoring Policy.
◦ Non-payment of outstanding fees.
d. The suspension or cancellation of the overseas
student's enrolment wont take effect until the internal
appeals process is completed, unless the overseas
student's health or wellbeing, or the wellbeing of others,
is likely to be at risk.
e. In cases where suspension or cancellation of the
student's enrolment is initiated by The College, the
student will be notified in writing (explaining the reasons
for doing so) and given 20 working days to access The
College's Complaints and Appeals Policy and
f. There will be no change in enrolment status and the
student will not be reported to DoHA until the appeals
process is completed.
g. Once the deferral, suspension or cancellation is
processed, The College will notify DoHA via PRISMS.
h. The College will contact the agent, student directly and
inform senior management if a student defaults from
the starting the course within 5 business days from CoE
commencement date.
i. The College will report to DoHA via PRISMS if the
student has not stated the course within 14 days.
8.2 Student-Initiated Deferral, Suspension, Cancellation of
Students may initiate the deferral, suspension and
cancellation of enrolment, including granting of a leave of
absence during the course through formal agreement on the
following limited circumstances:
On the grounds of compassionate or compelling
circumstances, conditions which are beyond the control of the
student which may impact on the student's course progress
or wellbeing. These include, but are not limited to:
a. Where students do not receive their visa in time to arrive
at The College to commence study.
b. Serious illness or injury – where a medical certificate
states the student was unable to attend classes.
c. Bereavement of close family members
d. Major political upheaval or natural disaster in home
country requiring emergency travel and this has
impacted on the student's studies.
e. A traumatic experience i.e. involvement in or witness a
serious crime or accident and has impact on the
f. Where the Registered provider was unable to offer a pre
-requisite unit/course.
g. Other reasons may be considered but must have
compelling documentary evidence to support the
h. Unavailability of a course
It should be noted that deferring to go home to be married or
attend the wedding of a family member is not normally
considered to be compassionate or compelling
circumstances which is beyond the control of the student.
This could be organised in such a way that the schedule
does not conflict with the student's course timetable (Eg. on
students holiday break).
8.3 Seeking advice from immigration
In any deferral, suspension or cancellation action taken under
this policy, The College will:
a. Other reasons may be considered but must have
compelling documentary evidence to support the
b. Unavailability of a course
8.4 Student Appeal Rights
Where a decision is made by The College, the student always
has the right to appeal this decision using the appeals
processes as outlined in The College's Complaints and
Appeal Process. This will always be clearly communicated to
the student with the notification of the decision.
9. Fees
The student is liable for ALL the fees set out on the fees table
of this agreement. The amount recorded in "Total Payable
Now" must accompany this agreement for it to be effective.
The balance will be due based on an invoice issued by
Clinton English and will be for the following period (term or
semester dependent upon the course). The invoice will be
issued and must be paid prior to the student commencing
studies. Failure to pay will result in students being
suspended from class. If the student decides to leave Clinton
English prior to completion, then the whole of the outstanding
fees for the current qualification being studied immediately
become due and any concessionary payment plans that may
have been entered into are cancelled.
Clinton English will not grant a letter of release in these
cases until they have been paid. Clinton English reserves the
right to refer the balance owing to a debt collection agency in
the event of non-payment. If fees have already been paid then
refunds will be in accordance with the refund policy.
Clinton English | CRICOS Provider Code: 03895J
Level 3, 377 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
www.clintonenglish.vic.edu.au | Tel: 03 9670 9292
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Student Agreement
10. Refund Policy
10.14 Students enrolled in packaged courses do not qualify
for a full refund once they commence their studies in
The full Refund Policy is available on the website
Australia. Minimum $500 is non-refundable.
(www.clintonenglish.com.au) or can be requested from
No refunds applicable for refunds requested more
Clinton English Administration. The Refund Application
than 180 days from the specified commencement day
Situation and Refund Calculation Table is found in the table
If the student has given misleading information to The
College's approved agent, The College and/or any
commonwealth agencies of Australia, no refund will
be given.
10.1 The College will provide appropriate
10.17 The College can forward the refund to the applicant in
handling/management of student's payments and
their country of origin unless otherwise authorised in
facilitate refunds in the case of
cancellation/retracement by either party. The refunds
10.18 No refunds will be paid to a third party (person other
process will allow students the option to disengage
than the student), unless directed by the student in
from application/learning in a manner which a
writing and signed.
negative impact may be negated or reduced,
10.19 In case of a cancellation of eCoE by the student or The
depending upon notification timeframe.
College, any outstanding fees to The College become
10.2 Unless otherwise stated, all refunds of fees will only
immediately due.
be granted in accordance with this policy. The terms
10.20 Any costs incurred by The College to recuperate
and conditions of this policy apply to all students,
outstanding fees will be charged to the student.
whether they are waiting to commence or are
10.21 Unpaid fees will be recorded as a debt and recovered
continuing studies.
by action in a court of competent jurisdiction. The
10.3 Details concerning the scope of the Refund Policy will
College reserves the right to refer the balance owing
be clearly disseminated to prospective students prior
to any debt collection agency or credit reporting bodies
to contractual arrangements being made. This
in the event of non-payment, for all purposes permitted
dissemination is via the Website, Student Handbook,
by law.
Letter of Offer and Student Agreement. The Student
10.22 The College will not release any
Agreement, and the availability of complaints and
testamurs/awards/certificates to students until
appeals policy/processes, does not remove the right
outstanding course fees have been paid in full.
of the student to take action under Australia's
10.23 The College will provide the student in writing the
consumer protection laws.
resulting decision of The College's management.
10.4 The refund process reflects the commitment by The
10.24 The College will advise the student of their right to
College to hold places as booked by students and the
appeal the decision of The College management.
amount of administrative resources consumed at the
10.25 The refund policy is subject to review at least once per
various stages.
year. Should it become necessary to change/update
10.5 The date the written application is received by The
this policy, then The College will update the policy on
College is the default date, and is the date used for
its website, handbook and written agreement
the calculation of any refund and/or cancellation.
10.6 Refunds must be requested in writing by the student
Refund Procedure
completing and submitting a refund application form
10.26 The process is started by the student completing and
to the finance department of The College. Verbal
submitting a refund application form.
notification to The College staff or agents is not valid.
10.27 The applicant is recommended to provide supporting
10.7 The fees paid for the course money by way of bank
deposits in The College's bank account must be
The form will be reviewed for completeness. Date
cleared at the time that an application for refund is
received and by whom is entered on the form.
made by the student and any debts owing to The
The form is assessed by finance to review current
College will be deducted from the refund due prior to
payment status and amounts owing / in credit are
10.8 Refund application will not be processed where the
10.30 The student file is checked together with the student
signature on the refund application form does not
management system to confirm the details and to
match the student's signature as shown on other
calculate refund based on the eligibility of this Refund
documents provided by the student for admission to
The College.
The Finance Department will process the refund
10.9 The finance department of The College will process
application (in accordance with this Refund Policy)
refund requests and if approved, arrange payment
and make a recommendation to the PEO
within 28 days.
The PEO will read the recommendation and make a
10.10 Refunds will be paid in Australian dollars into the
final decision based on this Refund Policy
nominated bank account (less international
The student will be notified the refund application
transfer/conversion fees if applicable)
outcome and applicable refund will be processed
10.11 To allow prompt settlement of refund requests, all
within 28 days of the application.
advanced payments will be held in a nominated bank
10.34 All documentation relating to a refund (whether
account by The College until the course start date.
granted or not) will be filed in the student file.
10.12 The term "commencement" in this policy refers to the
first day of the first course attended by the student.
10.13 The College only accepts responsibility for fees and
charges associated with the cost of enrolling in and
studying with The College. No accountability will be
taken for fees or charges associated with third parties
(international education agent or migration agent fees
or visa application costs or partnered service
providers). Such fees and charges will be subject to
the third parties refund policies. Clinton English | CRICOS Provider Code: 03895J
Level 3, 377 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
www.clintonenglish.vic.edu.au | Tel: 03 9670 9292
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Student Agreement
Refund Application Situation and Refund Calculation Table
Refund Application Situation
Refund of Refund of
1. Provider Default
The College does not deliver the
program for which the student has
paid for the following reasons:
1.1 The course does not begin on
the agreed commencement Date.
1.2 The offer is withdrawn by The
1.3 The course ceases to be
provided, at any time, after it
commences but before it is
1.4 The course is not provided in full
to the student because a sanction
has been imposed on the registered
Full refund
of unspent
(if student
does not
offered by
2. Student (offshore or onshore) is
refused an Australian Student Visa
(copy of refusal letter required) or
illness or disability prevents the
student from taking up the course.
All prepaid No
fee less
3. Student default - where The
College has not entered into a
written agreement with the student
that meets the requirements of
section 47B of the ESOS Act (refer
47E – 1 (b) (i) of the Act - that is, a
compliant agreement.
All prepaid No
fees less
4. Onshore student is refused an
Australian Student Visa but student
already commenced his/her course
(copy of refusal letter required);
includes visa extension & new
Remaining No
fees, less
5. Student defaults or withdraws
from course during visa processing
but already commenced his/her
fees, less
6. Student withdraws from course 10 70% of All
weeks (70 days) or more prior to
eCoE commencement date.
7. Student withdraws from course 5
weeks (35 days) or more prior to
eCoE commencement date.
50% of All
8. Student withdraws from course
less than 5 weeks, on the eCoE
commencement date or after that
9. If a student has also paid a
deposit for future courses when
enrolling in more than 1 course
paid, less
$500 for
Yes for
1.1 and
No for
1.3 and
10A. Student defaults due to one or
more of the following acts and eCoE(s)
gets cancelled by The College;
• the student failed to pay an amount
payable to the provider for the course;
• the student breached a condition of
their student visa; including noncommencement of course
• misbehaviour by the student / breach
of code of conduct
10B. Student is granted permanent
residency/obtains visa other than
student visa, after the course
commencement date.
No refund
for all
courses in
Fees due
as per
11. Student Declaration
a. I acknowledge the information I have provided in my
Application and in this Agreement is true and correct
and that any false information provided may lead to the
cancellation of my enrolment at any time. Clinton
English will notify Government agencies of the change
of my enrolment.
b. I understand and agree that information provided in this
Student Agreement and collected during my enrolment
is collected in order to meet The College's obligations
under the ESOS Act and the National Code 2018 to
ensure student compliance with conditions of their visas
and their obligations under Australian immigration laws
generally. The authority to collect this information is
contained in the Education Services for Overseas
Students Act, the Education Services for Overseas
Students Regulations and the National Code of Practice
for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education
and Training to Overseas Students 2018. Information
collected about me on this form and during my
enrolment can be provided, in certain circumstances, to
the Australian Government and designated authorities
and, if relevant, to TPS Director and the ESOS
Assurance Fund Manager. In other instances,
information collected on this form or during my
enrolment can be disclosed without my consent where
authorised or required by law.
c. I understand and agree that before I can enrol in the
course/s, I must satisfy the conditions as outlined in the
letter of offer. I understand and agree that I have the
obligation to satisfy all of these conditions and if they are
not fully satisfied on or before the date of the
commencement of the course, I cannot commence the
course and The College may, at its option, terminate
this Agreement.
d. I have read, understood and agree to the Clinton
English's Privacy Policy found on Clinton English
e. I agree to Clinton English releasing personal
information relevant to my application, visa
documentation and initial Course enrolment to The
College's overseas representatives whom I have
authorised to act on my behalf and to Clinton English's
preferred OSHC provider.
Clinton English | CRICOS Provider Code: 03895J
Level 3, 377 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
www.clintonenglish.vic.edu.au | Tel: 03 9670 9292
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Student Agreement
f. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the
description of the course, teaching and assessment
methods, facilities, classroom equipment and learning
resources and have exercised my independent
judgment in enrolling in the course. Clinton English
does not warrant that enrolment in or completion of the
course by me will enable me to obtain any particular
employment or to remain in Australia upon completion
of the course.
g. I acknowledge I have received information on the local
environment in which I will be studying, including
location of teaching site, accommodation and living
h. I understand and I will abide with all my responsibilities
as a student as outlined in Section 4: Student
Responsibilities. I understand that failure to
satisfactorily comply with the requirements of visa can
lead to the Department of Immigration and Border
Protection imposing sanctions such as suspension or
cancellation of my student visa.
i. I understand that Clinton English reserves the right to
withhold any Certification of qualification if my course
fees remain unpaid.
j. I understand that I will need to pay additional costs of
equipment, study materials, and OSHC fees which are
in "addition to my tuition fees.
k. If I am enrolled and subsequently cease to be enrolled
(either through my own choice or not) and then choose
to re-apply, I understand that I will have to pay a new
application fee and any other fees as if it were my initial
l. I understand that this written agreement, and the right to
make complaints and seek appeals of decisions and
action under various processes, does not affect my
rights to take action under the Australian Consumer Law
if the Australian Consumer Law applies.
m. I have read Clinton English's Fees and Refund Policy
located on the Clinton English Website –
www.clintonenglish.com.au and summarised in this
n. I understand the tuition fees listed in Section 2: Course
Fees will not change once I have commenced and
stayed enrolled in the Course. If I withdraw from all
studies or enrol on a different course then any offer I am
made will be based on the fees ruling at that time.
o. I understand that Clinton English is required, under the
ESOS Act and all subsequent amendments, to inform
the DoHA on changes to my course enrolment and any
breach of my student visa conditions relating to
satisfactory academic performance and attendance.
p. I understand that my personal information (any
information provided by student, student's performance,
attendance, course progress, grades achieved) may be
disclosed by Clinton English, the Australian Government
including TPS, or state or territory agencies and if done
so, it will be in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988
q. I have read the ESOS Framework available at:
r. I also confirm that I will keep myself abreast with the
latest Clinton English Policies and Procedures which
would be posted on its' website from time to time.
s. I agree that if I am a younger student that I will abide by
the arrangements for my accommodation, support and
general welfare.
t. I declare that I am 18 or will be 18 by the start date of my
u. I acknowledge that I have read and understood this
Agreement and hereby accept the offer made by Clinton
English and agree to be bound by this Agreement and
updates to Clinton English policies and procedures
formally notified to me with at least 10 working days'
Date signed:
*Signed by Parent Guardian if under 18
Laura Escobar
Date signed:
Signed for and on behalf of Clinton English Pty Ltd.
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