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Edward Mureithi
P.O Box 505-00606
22 /1/ 2022
RE:Discussion from the Bible
I hope you are fine,Iam a volunteer in world wide preaching work.Iwould like to share some important
points from the Bible.
Because of the pandemic,I cannot meet people physicaly.But i can still share a few words of
encouragment.I would like to comend you for the intiative to pursue higher education .This will give you a
high chance of getting a well paying job.As noble minded person you have reasons for getting your hands on
some money.Or perhaps you need to make money to help support your family in future .Even if you dont
directly contribute to household expences
Paying for your own clothes or other personal items may relieve your parents of some economic
pressure.In any event obtaining things for yourrself or for your family requires money .What you are doing
now agrees with Gods word as stated in the bible book of 2 thessalonians 3:10 which says :In fact,when we
were with you we used to give you this order:if anyone does not want to work,neither let him eat.
It is true that jesus promised that God would provide for those who seeking first Gods kingdom
stated in the bible book of Matthew 6:33 which says keep on,then seeking the kingdom an its rightness and
all these other things will be added to you.a noble man still needs to provide for
himself/herself.Ecclessiasties 7:12 which says :for wisdom is a protectionjust as money is a protection but
the advantage of knowledge is this wisdom preserves the life of its owner.
For further information see a book
question young people ask answers that work
I looking forward to share more encourngment with you future.
Yours faithfully