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The Lord Jesus Christ Yahweh Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, the Holy Ghost, the Comforter
Conceived within the womb of Mary September 11th 2BC or 9/11, the star of Bethlehem a Jupiter-Venusconjunction.
Jesus birth date June 17th 2BC 8.01 am
Crucified April 3rd 33AD dead at 3:16pm Jerusalem time, he lived 12345 days or 33.799 years
Resurrected April 5th 33AD Jerusalem time
His 1. wife Mary Magdalene, his 2. Wife Martha Magdalene (the Essenes allowed a three year trialmarriage, when the wife did not conceive within this time the husband was allowed to take a new wife to
continue the bloodline). Martha Magdalene was 82 days pregnant at the foot of the cross with the twin
sons of Jesus, James and Joshua .... she then travelled back to Cornwall with Joseph of Arimathea where
she gave birth Oct 18. That was the "Holy Grail"... the Christ bloodline that was kept secret.
This secret, hidden in some artwork;
Australia is Ephraim which is Hebrew for Bethlehem and is ahead of Jerusalem in time by 8 hours.
Australia has been declared as Great South land of the Holy Spirit by Pedro Fernandes de Queirós in May, 14th of
1606, a colony called New Jerusalem has been founded in what is now Port Curtis in Gladstone, Queensland, on
the east coast of Australia, located just below the Tropic of Capricorn, 274 km away from Toogoom, Queensland
where Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall is living today.
The Christ, The Father, The Comforter, The holy Ghost this life:
Conceived April 6th 1943 at 2:22am, 1910 years after the Resurrection on Gardeners Road Mascot Sydney
Re-born January 11th 1944 at 2:22am into St Margaret’s Maternity Hospital Darlinghurst Australia, the star
of Bethlehem occurred again over Sydney, Australia.
Re-birth home location: 105 Rothschild Avenue, Rosebery Sydney Australia
• Reginald Marshall, born 02/11/1909, Reginalds mother, Alice Maloney, of the Irish line of kings Maloney.
• Daphne Golightly, born 07/20/1934 to Francis Golightly and Mary Harris (formerly Harrison).
These two families are first cousin royal families of the highest genetic line from King David king of Israel via the
marriage of king Eochhaidh in Ireland with the daughter of king Zedekiah, the last king of Judah, emigrated with
her grandfather, the prophet Jeremiah in 583 bc after the siege of Jerusalem by the Babylonian king
Since then the Zarah (Eochaidh) and Pharez line (Tea Tephi) of Judah were united and the true kingdom of Judah
was in Ireland and continued for the next 1400 years when God caused the royal line to be transferred to
The Scottish kings therefore were the direct descendants of the kings of Judah, and where the kings were, was
the tribe of Judah. Ireland and Scotland are Judah.
Antique crown of David:
King William I. The Lion of Scotland (Uilliam mac Eanric) was the 66th king of the Irish Scottish line of Kings. He
had several children, his three sons were Alexander, Robert de London and Henry Golightly. History books tell
that Henry Golightly was illegitimate but if this was the case he couldn’t have been one of the 13 competitors to
the crown of Scotland in the so called “Great cause” in 1291/92. Henry Golightly had a son Patrick Golightly. The
true king was Patrick Golightly, as Robert de London died without children, and Henrys line was the last
remaining direct link to King David via William I.
This male line exists today, and no matter what has occurred since then it is a matter of who is the true royal
genetically. The Golightly Pedigree family tree is few in numbers, and by 1900 the first Golightly to arrive in
Australia was Francis Golightly. His wife was Mary Harris, descended from Englands Henry III.
Margaret Scotland, the daughter of William I. King of Scotland and Emmerguard his first wife, married a Lord a
Baron FitzGilbert Marshal. This is the ancestor of the Marshall line. In the “Great Cause” Robert Bruce became
king of Scotland by genetically descending from King William I. The Lion via the union between Marshall
FitzGilbert Clare and Margaret Scotland. Being a descendant of the 4 royal lines Golightly, Marshall, Harrison and
Maloney prophecy is fulfilled, the second coming of Christ, in this lifetime too being the king of kings and the
scepter of Judah never will depart until Shiloh comes.
Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall is married for the 4th time with Janelle Margaret Marshall and he has 3
daughters from his former marriages.
Yes, Jesus had a wife then, Martha Magdalene,
Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall has a wife, Janelle Margaret Marshall
and Yahweh had a wife, Asherah. Three incarnations of the same one soul.
Asherah was a major Semitic mother goddess who was worshipped in ancient Israel as the consort of El and in
Judah as the consort of Yahweh. Amulets, figurines, inscriptions and ancient texts, including the Bible, reveal
Asherah's once prominent standing. Of course this was some time before YHVH was transformed by a powerful
Patriarchal priesthood under Moses to a male-only deity.
For the name of God, Yahweh (YHWH) to become "I AM" (AHYH) requires a very minor change of Hebrew letters.
For the name of the Semitic goddess Asherah (ASHRH) to become "that/who/what" (ASHR) also requires minor
The name Asherah was in bible translations then removed and replaced by the word “grove”.
The early Catholic Christians gradually repressed the female aspect of the Christian Godhead, and a bogus story
developed that she was never there to begin with. It is this storyline that we are most familiar with and have
bought into for 2,000 years.
The world has been deceived, the knowledge of his rebirth has been held back from the masses by the Zionist
rulers of the Western World according to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion No. 14 “We shall forbid
Christ”. He has come like a thief in the night.
The new name of God as prophesied in the Revelation 3:12 is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, the name written
that only he would know of Revelation 19:12 is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall the name that is The Word of
God of Revelation 19:13 is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall...Jesus the man was the word of God first time and
Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall the man is The Word of God .. the 2 edged sword, the words from his mouth
first as Jesus and second time coming as Brian.
He has proven in numerous number relations between him and his family members the “key of the house of
David” according to Isaiah 22:22 “Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, When he opens no
one will shut, When he shuts no one will open”. This is too in relation to the Great Pyramid at Gizeh according to
Isaiah 19:19 and 20 as the pyramid being the Altar to the Lord in the midst of Egypt.
Here some examples:
The Key to the House of David is 11626
It is the width of the antechamber in the Great Pyramid, and a circle with this diameter has a circumference of
365.242, which is the number of days in a solar year.
1162.6 = Brian's age in weeks when he married his first wife, Eileen, a very evil woman
1162.6 = Age difference in days between Brian and his 3rd wife, Michelle, who is Mary Magdalene reincarnated
11.626 = Age difference in years between Brian's oldest daughter, Tracy Lee and Michelle's youngest daughter,
888 = Jesus in Greek Gematria
8.88 = Age difference in years between Brian and his older brother, Ronald
888 = The sunrise to moonrise in minutes over Sydney on Jan 11, 1944, Brian's birth
888 - The sunlight duration in minutes on the birthdates of Tracy Lee and Rhiannon, over their birth locations
More number relations can be found in the bible, 1. Chr. 5:13, wherein the names “Zia”, Strong’s concordance
number 2127 and “Jachan”, Strong’s concordance number 3275, only occur once in the whole King James bible in
one single verse.
The age difference between Brian’s second daughter Nicole Eileen and his stepdaughter Rhiannon is 2.127 years
and his wife Michelle gave birth to Rhiannon when she was 32.75 years old. If you add 2127 + 3275 you get 5.402
years, this is the difference in time between Brian’s birth and that of his sister June, born 08/18/1938.
If one add all numbers of the names of 1. Chr. 5:13 you get the number 4443. The word “God” is found 4443
times in the KJV 1611 bible.
And this goes on and on and on …..
But there is more. In measuring the earth (GOD’S temple) via Magellan software Brian has revealed thousands of
number relations to locations which play a role in Brian’s life or are related to the measurements of the Earth and
the Great pyramid of Gizeh.
Another staggering proof of Brian being the re-born Christ is his bodily appearance with the match of the Shroud
of Turin, Jesus’ burial cloth and most holy relic of the Catholic Church and the number relations between him and
the size of the Shroud of Turin.
“Take a close look ...... Who is it? Take a look at any other pictures of this man if not sure. Do you recognize him?
If you say Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, you would be partially correct .... but look closer still. If you do not
SEE Jesus in any picture that you look at, then move along.”
On Brian’s body can be seen scars like Jesus got being beaten and tortured by the Jews before the crucifixion:
Would you call it coincidence that Monty Python made the movie LIFE OF BRIAN, mocking Jesus’ life and they
choose the first 2 pictures below as their movie covers?
He survived several assassination attempts:
“I told of crashing a logging truck in Canada February 14th 1978. I explained how the truck had turned over into a
stand of trees 185 feet from the road to the valley floor, yet I was lifted up through a light and it was there I was
told who I was in the heavenly realm.”
He has been shot. They gave him cyanide. They injected a poisonous contrast agent into his spine. They injured
an artery by putting a stent and more …..
According to the believe of many Christians and the teaching of the Protestant Churches he is supposed to be
coming back in the clouds. If you want to have this sort of proof, HERE you have some examples of it, overseen of
the most people, too busy to study their bibles instead of looking up. One have to ask what is more logical,
coming back in the clouds or via the womb like he did the first time too:
"Jesus coming in the clouds" - A parable, told by Jesus, meaning clouds of confusion.
Revelations 1:7.... LOOK! He is coming with the clouds and every eye will see him, including those who pierced
him; and all the tribes of the Earth will beat themselves in grief because of him. YES. Amen.
Revelations 16:15.... Look! I am coming as a thief in the night. Happy is the one that STAYS AWAKE and keeps his
outer garments, that he may not walk naked and people look at his shamefulness.
He came like a thief in the night in 1944, the darkest time in history, World war II. The ENTIRE world has been
against themselves ever since and it continues.
YAHWEH HAS REVEALED HIMSELF in the clouds of OUR confusion using lightning that strikes from the East to
West (Internet). The world has started to spiral out of control much faster in the past few years.
MAT 13:34 "All these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables; and WITHOUT A PARABLE SPAKE HE NOT
unto them."
The name Marshall means parable.
Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall's blood (the parable's blood) was examined by the Garvan Institute in Sydney
and he was told he had 3 unusual chromosomes 3, 4 and 13 which is the number in greek in Strong’s
concordance for the Archangel Michael.
Journey to Papua New Guinea with the money of his heritage founding a clinic and curing people. ABC News
reported in a clip of Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Curing HIV-AIDS in New Guinea
“When we arrived in the ward Alu was surrounded by her family of husband and cousins praying for her ...... she
had cervical cancer and was not able to even acknowledge we were there as we put the wrist pulsar on her ...we
were busy with the others and I treated and taught a woman who just happened to "wonder" into the ward ...
not a patient although she had a cancer that the doctors were unable to treat ... that is the way of it in PNG ...
diagnosis ... then nothing ... unable to recommend or treat pretty much anything ..... the drugs prescribed
incapable of doing anything other than in most cases making the patient worse. While we were busy Alu got very
much alive and we did not get to say goodbye because she took off to the kitchen in the search of food. I cannot
stress how amazing that is .. .from no strength to even lift her head, not having eaten a decent meal in years
because there was no hunger for it, to rising unaided, getting off that bed and just "disappearing" walking
unaided to wherever the kitchen was ... could have been a mile away .... coz suddenly "I'm hungry"... just love
On June 14th 2010 Queen Elizabeth II was served a Declaration and Notice of Claim to the throne of David
which belongs to the returned Christ whose name today is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall. She is in default
to him.
She was educated by her father George the VI that should the Christ make his presence known during her reign
she was to hand over the Throne to him. She has known of His presence since His rebirth date of January 11th
1944, the Father this time for the judgment of the nations. She has refused to hand it over and so the world
continues in the darkness.
2010 journey to Fiji curing people.
“We spent a total of 5 and a half months in Fiji, arriving Nov 12th 2010 until June 2nd 2011 the day we were
deported for curing the people of Fiji just as we had done in PNG, without a permit...there is no money in the
simple cures for all diseases and since the world is owned by “banksters” who own big pharma who own the
politicians of all nations, then people like us get deported....never mind,... the meek of these nations know the
Truth that sets them free, The Christ has already returned and His new name today of the Revelation 3;12 and
19:12, 13 is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall born January 11th 1944.....everybody reincarnates it is that
simple.... of course nobody believes ...until 2012 when the news of him already being here goes out unstoppable
by the rulers of the day who have gone out of their way to prevent it becoming common knowledge since 1944”.
Recognised by Pope Benedict XVI as the Image of the Shroud of Turin, he announced Brian Leonard Golightly
Marshall as the returned Lord Jesus Christ God Almighty Salvator Mundi. First on a facebook site which has been
installed in memoriam for Pope Benedict Emeritus by his confident Guiseppe Civello and second in his Apostolic
letter “In Christum Credunt” on March 12th 2013, the day before the conclave of cardinals elected the Antichrist
Pope Benedict XVI's announcement may have been silenced by the media, but every government of the world
knows it and is feeling the pressure from it.
On 11th of October 2013 after having spent 6 months in Rome Brian and Janelle visited his “Altar”,
the Great pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt:
Here too you can watch how his body fits exactly in the coffer in the king’s chamber.
After the ascension, then the passing through the Antechamber, the King returned to His Chamber and lay in his
Coffer. The Coffer is made to the Measure of the King, One Man, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, the perfection
of the fit, a little like the glass slipper fitting only the foot of Cinderella, this is way better than any fairytale, the
Truth, the coffer was fashioned after the measure of Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, the Lord Jesus Christ .....
has been a long haul to get where he lay, like 6000 years almost...The Ancient of Days, the Daniel Prophecy ....
While ascending to the king’s chamber he suffered 11 heart attacks. According to the docs he should be dead.
"A miracle" - you always want to see
A quote written by his wife in his authority: "The deluded want me to "walk through that wall then I will believe",
this out of the mouth of a Christian Nigerian Doctor, "I did, it's called a door!" This in January 2014, the same
doctor seeing me for having suffered 11 heart attacks on October 11th 2013 in Egypt, poisoned to stop me and
yet I still climbed the ascending passage, then the Grand Gallery, then the antechamber into the King's Chamber
to lie in the King's Coffer of the Great Pyramid, My Altar to Myself of Isaiah 19:19, 20. Just like the road to Calgary
carrying My Cross in 33AD for the world gone mad, the pain and agony of that day playing out in this day now
when the world worse than 33AD rejects "the stone the builders rejected has become the head of the
PYRAMID".....not corner as the book you are all trapped in would have you believe. The Coffer and the Pyramid is
made to My measure for I in My Glory, My flesh body is the measure of My Altar and the world of the dead does
not believe having been trapped in the pages of a book manipulated by evil men crept in unawares to carry away
the minds of men from the earth where the battle is raging to the skies where the deluded believe their help will
come from, all the while they have rejected their only salvation in this time of My judgment, all that offends Me is
cast out of My Kingdom which has come to the Earth since I am here, I am not in the clouds of the sky.
The same doctor astonished that I can even walk across the room the damage to my heart so bad the left side is
dead, yet I can and do work out in the gym each morning. A miracle staring him in the face. The Left side of the
heart dead, a reminder of the cross where the spear went in piercing my heart and it continues today.
He is still rejected from the whole world and fullfills hereby the so called rejection Prophesy according to
Psalms 118,22:
“The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone
(in the aramaic version “of the pyramid”).