Rabbit Test Study Questions

Study these multiple-choice questions to prepare for the rabbit test:
Glossary of Terms
_____ Culling
a. Getting rid of the least desirable
_____ Hog Fat
b. A milky film over the cornea (eye)
_____ Wolf Teeth
c. Hand method to pregnancy check
______Wall Eyes
d. Protruding or elongated teeth
_____ Palpatation
e. Over-fattened rabbit
_____ Tattoo
a. To give birth
_____ Wry Tail
b. Line of white just behind shoulders
_____ Faults
c. Abnormally bent, curled or twisted tail
_____ Kindle
d. Imperfections or lacking ideal type for breed
_____ Belt
e. A punched code in the ear
Common Rabbit Diseases
_____ Ear Canker
a. Bacterial infection of the nipples
_____ Fur Block
b. Blockage of the intestine
_____ Ketosis
c. Infection of internal organs
_____ Mastitis
d. Over fat doe goes off feed - may starve
e. Swollen scabby condition of the lower inside ear
_____ Conjunctivitis
a. Congestion in the lungs
_____ Pneumonia
b. A fungus causing a loss of fur
_____ Ringworm
c. Bacterial infection of the eyelids
_____ Snuffles
d. Contagious infection of the nasal passages
e. Ulcerated condition of the footpads